Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boo Radley is my BFF

It’s been such a busy month. Singing a lot, working a lot, reading a lot. I just finished reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” which I have never read. Apparently everyone that goes through the tenth grade has read this book, not sure how I missed that one. Anyway, I loved it. Hmm, maybe that is why it's a classic? I am not sure that I would have appreciated it as much in high school. This will be my 3rd book in a week. I am back on the reading train (what does THAT mean?) meaning, I am reading a lot again and I love it. Next up, "The Catcher in the Rye"- you are probably thinking I must have skipped a lot of school and I did, but not that much.

It has been really hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. I didn’t start my Christmas shopping until this past weekend and I am not yet finished. I don’t know what my problem is. I have decorated, watched Christmas shows, listened to Christmas music and admired the snow, but the spark just isn’t there. Hmm. I hate that. I used to love Christmas. The entire month was excitement filled. I believed in Santa until I was twelve for hells sake (don’t judge, I love the magic). People say that once you have kids the magic of Christmas returns- I wish someone would knock me up already (kidding mom).

My all time favorite Christmas show is the Christmas Toy. You can’t get it on DVD, I own it on VHS. It’s a Jim Henson show they used to play on the Disney Channel. It’s the same idea as Toy Story but way better and only a half an hour. Hmm. Maybe if I watch it the spark will return. Also listening to the New Kids on the Block Christmas could get me in the mood. I will have to try it and see what happens. Maybe it will help you too.

First up, I still believe in Santa Claus.

And, Funky Funky Christmas.

I really hope my Christmas is funky this year. It's about time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I love things that predict the future. I don't necessarily believe that they will, but I love them none the less. Like the game MASH (play it here). It's so silly, but I get some strange satisfaction and maybe even a little hope when it goes my way. Like it's possibly fated to turn out. I also love horoscopes and numerology and making wishes (coins in a fountain, shooting star, at 11:11, when I lose an eyelash, etc). I really like good fortunes in fortune cookies and I have always wanted to go to a psychic- mostly just for fun, but I have some weird interest in it. My old coworker read my tarot cards once and I loved it.

I am not sure where this began, but I am sure every girl, as a child, played these games and secretly wished they would come true. Thank goodness they didn't or I would currently be married to Ralph Machio, but that small amount of belief in magic has lasted my whole life. Maybe I am a romantic? Maybe I am a psychotic? Who knows?

I do this other thing that is a little weird. I like to call it musical roulette. I play my Ipod on shuffle and think of a song and if it comes up in the next ten songs, I win, or I make a wish and it comes true or the boy I am thinking of is totally thinking of me too. I know, it's ridiculous. But it's kinda fun too and I like to think maybe I am creating psychic abilities of my own. Hey you never know. I could have a job on the side predicting the future for people by playing MASH. I will be charging 5 bucks a game, let me know if you're interested.

***In case you were wondering, MASH told me today that I will be marrying Adrien Brody, we will be living in an apartment in SLC, driving a purple BMW and have 4 lovely kids together. ***

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanks for nothing

I was told yesterday that I needed to write a new blog. Well here you go Amy, brand spanking new. Thanksgiving came and went- it was a pretty depressing day for me actually, but the weekend that followed was great. Erin and I took our little road trip to Boise. We stayed in a hotel just a block from the Egyptian Theater. They upgraded our room to a suite and we had to sleep in the same GIANT king size bed (the front desk guy was concerned this would be a problem for us, until we informed him that once, as roommates, we slept in the same bed for 9 months . . .we’re close). The view was pretty amazing from our room- Boise is better than I expected.

We then went and saw The Swell Season at the Egyptian Theater and they did not disappoint. Rachael Yamagata opened and was amazing. Glen Hansard made me cry numerous times. He is just so talented. He stood in front of the mics and unplugged his guitar to sing Tell it to me now. It just blew me away. Their closing number was a mash up of Red Chord, Josh Ritter’s Come and Find Me and an Irish drinking song The Parting Glass. My little celtic group actually sings that one, so it was great to hear.

Erin and I had a really good time just talking and laughing and singing and sitting and swimming and just being best friends. Here is a video of her dancing on our king size bed, singing a song from the band we just saw. I dare say, her rendition makes me laugh.

On a more work related note- what is more embarrassing than having an appendicitis attack at work? NOT having an appendicitis attack at work, but all the doctors and coworkers at the hospital where you work thinking something is really bad and treating you in one of the rooms and discovering it is actually only constipation (true story). Humiliating. Oh and then about a week later I was walking out of the nurses station and fell on my face. Seriously, what is wrong with me? People must think I am insane- or drunk. Which doesn’t bode well working at a rehab hospital, they might try to admit me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Self Preservation

When you've been hurt, you learn how to protect yourself from feeling further pain. By "you" I mean "me" of course. I do things like delete people from facebook or from my cell phone- not to be dramatic or to get back at anyone, but as self preservation. Sometimes I just can't stand to see what is going on in their life or see pictures of them or have the temptation of contacting them, because I ALWAYS regret it. I even make sure that I don't go anywhere where I might run in to them or into someone that might bring them up in conversation or make me think about them too much. Not forever, just until it doesn't sting anymore.

I went to a restaurant for dinner recently and when I walked in, there he was, sitting at a table, staring right at me- the one person I really didn't want to see again(or the one person I would give anything to see again, I can't decide). And my stomach dropped. Just as I was about to acknowledge him and say something super friendly and act like I was super ok, he looked away, like he didn't even know who I was. I then looked around at the rest of the people at the table and didn't recognize a single person (which I thought I would). We sat at our table in the restaurant and his back was to me. I realized that everyone was speaking another language and I don't think it was the second language that he speaks- but I couldn't be sure. I watched him through the dinner, he had the same look, the same mannerisms, the same EVERYTHING, but it couldn't be him. He isn't supposed to even be here. But I hate how it made me feel. I hated that we treated each other like perfect strangers (even though we probably were) and I hate that even right now, even though I am about 99% sure it wasn't him- I feel sad about it. I am writing a blog about it for goodness sake. What's going to happen when I actually do run in to him? Ugh.

Self preservation is a bitch.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I went grocery shopping this week and honestly it has probably been over a month since I have done that. That's always a tough position to be in, because then you want everything because you don't have anything.

And I bought these-

Yes, Vienna Sausages. I love them. Weird, I know. But it's true. I am aware that they are totally disgusting, but ever since I was a kid I have loved these chicken, beef and pork sausages in chicken broth- on crackers of course. We used to get them when we went on road trips. I bought them (4 cans to be exact) and I just can't get enough. We had a Sunday school lesson about food storage and I have decided that if I stock up on these babies I should be able to survive through anything, because I know they will survive.

I also bring this up because in just two short weeks I will be going on a mini road trip and I am so excited. Erin and I are going to BOISE!!! Yeah, that's right. But that is not the exciting part, it's WHY we are going to Boise that is great. The day after Thanksgiving Erin and I are going to Boise to see The Swell Season. Their Salt Lake concert is sold out and so we decided, why not drive to Boise? This will be my third time seeing them and I am just as excited as the first time. Plus I get a mini road trip. I'm bringing the Vienna Sausages . . . don't tell Erin.

I hope he sings this heart wrenching one.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You talk, I listen

When I was younger my parents loved their talk radio. Anytime we were in the car they would listen to it and it would drive me crazy. I hated it. I hated it so much. I just wanted to be listening to the top 40 of the time or one of the many tapes I had acquired and listened to on repeat. Now that I think of it, I am sure my parents hated listening to everything I had on repeat as much as I hated their talk radio- nah, that couldn't be true. ANYWAY. I don't know if it's an adult thing or what, but guess what? I love talk radio. More specifically, 88.3 KCPW, NPR talk radio. If I am in the car, I am most likely listening to it. If I am at the gym (Big IF these days) I am listening to a podcast from it. I can't seem to get enough. Whether it's the news or it's one of the many programs they provide- I just love it.

I am also one of those people that loves This American Life. Yeah, Yeah, I know- me and the rest of the entire world, but I find it interesting and funny, sometimes sad and often captivating. And I think I have figured out why. I don't know about your group of friends, but my group of friends loves to share stories. Have you ever found yourself at a "party" or a dinner or something and at the end of the night everyone is just sitting around sharing stories about work, or their childhood or their hilarious southern mother? We do all the time. And I think it's great. You learn so much about other people and what makes them who they are. I think that is why I like This American Life. It's like sitting around in someone's living room listening to stories. It's great.

So I would like to apologize to my parents for my whining and complaining as a child. Because I am sure if I had listened, just once, without wishing that I was actually listening to Paula Abdul, I just might have learned something (not that Paula hasn't taught me anything).

So for you, my all time favorite episode of This American Life entitled Fiasco! I promise you'll laugh out loud.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

I suppose I need to write another blog so that the super depressing one I last wrote won’t be the blog everyone reads and then assumes I am still depressed and moping around. I do have my moments, the weather has suddenly turned to winter and my body would much rather hibernate than emerge out of my electric blanket each morning- but I do emerge and life goes on.

I like my job. I might even say that I love my job. I just love having a job (being able to pay my bills always makes me happy) and I love the people I work with. They are hilarious, fun and smart and I don’t dread going to work each day. I have the best possible schedule for me 10am-6pm. I am NOT a morning person and so this schedule really works. I work at a hospital and I interact with all sorts of people all day long (mostly people who are psychotic, suicidal or drug addicts) and it’s exciting most of the time. Today I was told I was “part of the conspiracy” by one patient and another announced that they were a prophet. It’s totally great.

I have been spending a lot more time with my friends lately. We have kinda been doing our own thing for a while and so it’s always nice when we get back into the habit of hanging out. I have amazing friends. They always make me feel better. I especially love that I have been spending more time with Erin. She and I have been having sleepovers and it feels like old times.

This is the most boring blog post ever. But I wanted everyone to know things are looking up.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Today is Kumran

If I was any good at writing poetry, I think now would be a good time to write it. I am feeling so many different things and I think that it would make some amazing prose or at least lyrics to a song. Unfortunately, that has never been one of my strengths. It just doesn't translate- my emotions onto the paper (or blog post) anyway.

This month has been hard. This week has been hard. Today has been really hard.

I need a reprieve. I need to know that the hard decisions have been the right decisions. And I sure wish, for once, my heart and my mind were on the same page- or at least in the same book.

My stomach has hurt for days as has my head. I am not even sure which thing is making me the most sad because I seem to be sad about everything- or everyone. Believe me, I know I am being cryptic, I am just hoping that some documentation of how I am feeling will be cathartic. I could really use a good emotional purging at the moment.

All that I want to do is listen to Bon Iver and drink chai tea and somehow that is helping- or at least not hurting.

Everything that happens is from now on. Whatever the hell that means.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Quest Continues

On Friday I went to Market Street Grill with my coworkers (that's right, I said COWORKERS. I have a job!!!!! Talk more about that later) and I knew I needed to try their Shirley Temple.

Here's how it rated.

1. Presentation- about the same as CPK. Pretty, boring glass, but fine. 3.

2. Only one cherry. 1

3. The waiter was great about this. He was really excited about getting me a Shirley Temple and he brought me three, yes three! 4

4. I didn't pay for this lunch so it was free! I don't know how much it would have been if I was paying. 4

5. It actually tasted great. Wasn't too sweet, it was really good. 4

With a total score of 16/25

I got this one at Z Tejas at the Gateway.

1. Well when I saw the cherries I was super excited. But it's still in a boring glass. I liked that the four cherries weren't just dumped in the glass, but the waitress didn't bring me a second one even though she said she was getting me one and then she said she was getting me one to go and never did! BOO. 1

2. Four cherries, four points. 4

3. The waitress bugged me! She talked way too much. Didn't come back when we needed her and when she did come back, she wouldn't leave. Oh and she did not deliver on her promises about the Shirley Temples. 2

4. $2.50. 2

5. It wasn't strong enough. It tasted like soda water. Even though I sounded mad about her not bringing me another one, I was kinda glad because it wasn't good. 1

Z Tejas Shirley Temple Score 10/25

So far, Market Street is the front runner.

People have asked why I am doing this. I was thinking about this today in Relief Society. We had a lesson about taking care of our bodies and not doing things that defile it. There was a whole discussion about the internet and trying to portray ourselves a certain way on the internet when we really aren't that way. I thought about my blog and didn't feel guilty. I feel like I portray myself exactly as I am.

As far as the Shirley Temples, this is me. I love Shirley Temples. Maybe it's a vice, all that sugar and artificial color, but it's an honest vice. And I want to find the best one. I'm obsessed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Quest

I have decided to find the best Shirley Temple in Salt Lake City. Or maybe in Utah. Or maybe in the WORLD . . . mwahhhaahhhaaaaa! So, I am documenting my search. I am judging the Shirley Temple with 5 main criteria. One- presentation, this will include glass, color, how quickly the waiter brings me another, etc. Two- how many cherries they put in the glass without me asking for them. Three- the waiter's reaction when I order said Shirley Temple. Four- price. Fifth and finally- TASTE!

So I need a deadline, because lets be honest, this could go on forever. I am going to test out 20 different Shirley Temples and then choose the best one!

The first one was tonight. I went to the 9th and 9th street fair and then to the Gateway to window shop. We stopped at CPK and had a pizza and decided that it's now or never and ordered a Shirley Temple.

Here's how it rated.

ONE-As you can see, it was just in a simple glass, but a pretty red color and the waiter brought me another one when my first one was getting low, without me even asking. I give presentation a 3 out of 5.

TWO-Each Shirley Temple had one cherry in it. I like more than that, but some places don't give you any. So CPK gets a 1 out of 5 for number of cherries.

THREE- When I ordered the Shirley Temple the waiter didn't even flinch. He acted like I was ordering something super normal and everyday. I give them a 4 out of five.

FOUR- $2.49. Kinda pricey. I give them a 2 out of 5.

and FIVE- I said that it was "pretty good tasting, but sweet- too sweet." so I give it a 2 out of 5.

For a total of 12/25. This is just the first of many, but I hope I can find a better one somewhere.

Then we went and saw District 9 which was AMAZING. I loved it, seriously. It was totally intense.

Let me know if you know of places that have good Shirley Temples, I will find the best one, if it kills me . . . death by maraschino cherries!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I didn't mean to miss your birthday baby . . .

I was born in New Jersey. Did you know that about me? Well, it's true. In fact I spent the first 4 years of my life in New Jersey and I cried and cried when we moved to Wisconsin because I didn't want to leave my red house. I don't remember much, I hardly remember the red house, but I do believe some of New Jersey has stayed with me throughout my life. The biggest part being my love for Bon Jovi. There is really no other explanation. I love Bon Jovi because I was born in New Jersey, I just know it. This week I busted out the old Ipod that I haven't listened to in ages and played it on shuffle. As I was driving home tonight, to my surprise and great pleasure, Bon Jovi's I'll be there for you came on and I sang my little New Jersey born heart out. Hearing this song brought back so many memories- sitting in the back of the bus in third grade looking at Jon Bon Jovi's poster and thinking he was the cutest thing ever in his tight spandex pants, crazy hair and bandanna. Jump then to middle school when Ginger and I made a bet that it was Bon Jovi that sang I'll be there for you and Skid Row that sang I'll Remember You, I won that bet, but I don't remember all the logistics. Then in High School when I was embarrassed to admit one of my favorite songs was Blaze of Glory- embarrassed no more, I freaking love that song. In more recent years when Jon Bon Jovi was on Sex in the City and I, once again, thought he was so cute (thank goodness he was minus the spandex and bandanna- still has somewhat crazy hair though). And then to tonight where the flame was rekindled.

I blame it on my birth place.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Receiving the new title of Master as well as CSW (certified social worker) has also provided me with another title- unemployed. It's funny how one minute I can be a student and the next somewhat of a failure. Everyone asks you what you do or where you work and it is getting harder and harder to choke out the words "nothing" or "nowhere". I know, I know, I am still new in the job search game, but my patience is wearing thin. Just because the loans stop or school stops or there aren't jobs doesn't mean I don't still have to pay my bills. And I am not at all being picky. I am sending my resume EVERYWHERE, even for jobs I am super over qualified for. The only response I have gotten are for out of state positions, of which I am interviewing, but not one job in Utah has given me the time of day. Maybe it's a sign.

Ok, so to my avid readers (I am sure I have a few) if you hear of a social work job anywhere, send it my way. I will apply for it and then I will bitch and moan about how they have never called me back.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If only

The construction on our street starts at 7am. It's loud, oh so loud. I actually put ear plugs in this morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Still in my pajamas . . .

and it's almost 4pm. The job search is at a standstill. I am trying, really I am, but I just can't seem to find anything or hear anything back. Ugh. Discouragement- what a dirty word.

Last night I watched home videos with my mom from when I was 8. We watched my baptism, vacations, birthday parties, we watched me dancing in the back yard, dancing while we're camping, dancing in the basement (hey, I REALLY liked to dance). It made me nostalgic for simpler times. It made me want a family of my own. It made me want to dance like an 8 year old with no inhibitions.

It was my mom and brother's birthdays and we celebrated them last night. Man, I love my family. They're kinda crazy. But I love them. While I was there I asked my dad for a father's blessing. It was such a comfort to hear words of guidance and love. I know that things will work out, it just doesn't feel that way sometimes.

I will leave you with the song I loved to dance to as an 8 year old. I may or may not be dancing around my room to this song right now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's love gotta do with it?

I was explaining to someone the other day how I think I fall in love with every guy I date (or have a crush on) just a little bit. They said that it sounded like a line, but it's true! I am a hopeless romantic and part of me just falls hard. The problem with falling hard, frequently, is that I also seem to get heart broken frequently and can't seem to get over the heartbreak, all the while falling in love just a little bit with someone new (are you following me?). I am sure it isn't the worst position to be in, but it's not the best either. To be in a constant state of heartbreak and twitterpation can not only be confusing, but can also be quite exhausting. I have this idealistic, optimistic side that sees me riding off into the sunset on a white horse with prince charming during or even after he destroys my heart.

I don't know where I was going with this. It was just an observation of how truly messed up I am. The end.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today I didnt even have to use my a.k.

I got this in the mail-

My stomach was tied up in knots, I couldn't sleep at all last night. This morning I sat in a cold room and stared at a computer for three hours and walked out with this-

I went for a walk and found this for FREE at the side of the road-

These showed up at my door because someone was thinking about me-

I went to dinner with Maren and Aliah and Maren bought me this to congratulate me-

I went to see these guys for free-

Today was a good day.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Morning

I have been feeling really introspective lately. I am sure it has something to do with the changes going on in my life and my completely unknown future. It's funny that things can be so great, SO great and you don't even realize it and then when things start to go a little crazy that's when you realize how good it was. Don't get me wrong, life is pretty good. I am not depressed or unhappy. I just have my moments of wondering what it is exactly that I am supposed to be doing or feeling or even being.

A friend of mine put pictures on facebook from high school. Some of them were positively mortifying (what is it with the 90's and floral dresses???) but they brought back so many feelings of that time in my life. I loved my friends, I loved my family, life was really fun. I thought it would always be like that- or at least I wanted it to be. Now, of course I still love my friends and family. That hasn't changed. But life has changed, age and responsibility has changed and things are just . . . different. I am sure I would be completely annoyed with my high school self. I was extremely obnoxious, but I do miss that idealistic side of myself. Anything was possible. I was going to do so much. And I have, just not the way I pictured it. Not at all.

I have amazing people in my life. I really do, my friends (old and new) are really a part of me and I love them. My family is still wonderful, although we have had a lot more tragic times in my adult years than we ever had when I was a child- some of which we have not fully recovered from. I still love and appreciate them.

I definitely have stressful money woes, wondering where and when I will get a job. But I am educated and I feel so blessed for that.

I still have the gospel in my life- I never thought there would be ups and downs in that area, but there has been. I always seem to make it out OK.

I have had heartbreak. Sometimes big, sometimes small, but you change a little with each one and I am not sure you ever truly recover. Maybe you aren't supposed to.

Sometimes I wish for a crystal ball, just for a minute, just to get a peak at how it all turns out. Until that time, life goes on, the good the bad and the ugly- and I guess all I can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I get in a funk and then blogging seems near impossible. BUT TODAY I WILL BLOG. I am not sure anyone even cares, but I do. It's not like I keep a journal- this blog is for posterity. I'm sure when I finally have posterity, blogs will be completely primeval, but whatever.

What have I been up to lately? Hmmm. Studying. It's official. I have paid my money ($175) and I am taking the big licensing exam on August 18th. I really hate that I just put that in writing, because now I will have to admit it if I fail (please don't fail, please don't fail). It's a four hour exam and I have no idea if I am ready for it. Oh and my degree posts tomorrow. I will officially officially have my masters degree as of tomorrow. Crazy.

My mom had surgery over two weeks ago and they kept her in the hospital for about 5 days longer than planned. It was scary. She is better now- although we have had a fair share of drama since then. I hate drama. But things are looking up.

My room has been so hot (I live in the attic), so my roommate helped me make curtains so that I have a makeshift cubicle of cool where my bed is. My bed is in a little alcove and I have a window unit, so when I sleep I close the curtains- as seen here (they are open and sorry my bed is disheveled).

Tomorrow I head to Arizona for a week with Nolan. He is moving there for 2 years to get his MBA at Arizona State. Sad. We are taking the drive past the grand canyon (which I have never seen) so I am super excited about that.

The job search has begun. Who knows where I will end up! I am totally freaking out about money, but I found this cool free budgeting website where you can keep track of ALL of your finances. You should check it out here.

Boring post, I know. But I will soon be adding some amazing pictures of the grand canyon!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 4th

If you have read my blog for some time you will already know that the 4th of July isn't really my favorite holiday. It's probably not even in my top 5. It's not that I don't love my country or that I am not happy we have independence or anything. It's just the hassle of it all.

So this year I celebrated a little differently. A group of us went to Yellowstone and stayed in a cabin for a couple of nights. There were no fire works, just steaming holes in the ground and animals, as well as playing cards, watching silly movies (The Little Mermaid and A Pirate movie), not showering, but jumping in a VERY cold lake and roasting marshmallows for breakfast. Oh yeah, and really good company as well. I LOVED it. Here are some pictures to document the fun.

The view from the cabin and the lake we swam in:

The hilarious warning and then the risky picture (I could have been gored . . .) from the safety of the car:

The steaming holes and beautiful water:

The people I went with:

Why there are no pictures of Jeff, Aliah and Shereka I do not know. I only used my camera phone- so this is what I have. This next picture freaked me out. Jeff the Dentist was not afraid, but my hands were sweating when I took this.

What a good way to celebrate independence.

I am in love with this song

But can't find it so that I can put it on my Ipod and listen to it on repeat. Can someone help me?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pacific North West Day 6

On our last full day, we decided to go to Seattle, since we were flying out from there the next day. We drove to see Nolan's cousin and spent some time with her and her little boy and lots of animals and then took the ferry to Seattle. I had never done this before. It was really fun and a little cold, but totally worth it.

We then ate at the Crab Pot right on the pier. So good. They steam everything you want together and dump it on the table right in front of you. You have a crab fork, a wooden board, a mallet and a bib.

When we started . . .
Nolan dared me to eat a shrimp eyeball and with much protest and whining I finally did. I don't know what took me so long, I lived in Thailand for goodness sake.
When we finished . . .
We were stuffed, but it was so good. Then we just headed back to the hotel, sat in the hot tub for a minute and slept to get up early for our flight. The trip was super fun and quite a success. These are all the pictures I have. Sarah took some and I will post them when I get them.

I love Portland. So so much. (and Sarah)

Pacific North West Day 5

This is the only picture I took of Day 5. We went to this old old hotel in Washington. It is an old bath house that pumps in hot mineral water. You sit in a really hot mineral bath in a big claw foot porcelain tub. I love baths, so this was amazing. Then you get wrapped in blankets and sweat for another half hour or so. It was really nice. The girl side was a little more modest then the boy side (from what Nolan told me).

That night, we went with Sarah and Joel to see I Love You Man (yes another movie), but this theater was so cool. It was like Brewvies, but way better. A really old theater, with over stuffed chairs and love seats, beautiful inside. Their food was really good too. I had their hummus plate- so good. And the movie only costs 3 bucks.

Pacific North West days 3 & 4

Ok, I didn't take any pictures of Day 3, but it consisted of a lot of walking. I mean a lot. We went to the Saturday market, rode on the street car (well a couple), went to the farmer's market and ate cherries. That night, Sarah and Joel went to Seattle, so Nolan and I set out on an adventure of our own, which started out at Sarah and Joel's and ended up at Powell's books only after we walked over the whole city. Pretty much literally. My feet were killing me, but it was totally worth it. We spent about an hour trying to figure out how my GPS (on my phone) would get us to a Thai restaurant. We found one and ate Som Tom, one of my favorite things in the world and then rented another movie (leave me alone, we were on vacation).

Day 4 we drove to the coast and stopped at a cheese factory. Not really what we expected. Lots of families and not much opportunity to really see how cheese was made. So we got ice cream instead and even though we stayed less than 15 minutes, Nolan insisted he get a picture in the cow cut out. How could I say no to that?

The coast was beautiful. We headed to Cannon Beach, saw Haystack Rock, drove through Seaside and ate in Astoria. I wanted a Goonie adventure, the closest we got was going into a restaurant, sitting down and realizing it was not what we wanted. We tried to think of an eventful escape plan (before ordering) but couldn't, so we just walked out.

The drive home was beautiful, but I totally fell asleep with my mouth wide open, head bobbing and probably some drool.

Pacific North West Day 2

Then we went to Multnomah Falls. I love this place. It's like a little piece of Heaven just off the freeway (with lots of touristy people, but heaven is probably like that too, right?). We stopped and got lemonade at this cute stand some girls had up, hiked the falls (a little), Nolan stepped in dog poo (a lot) and Sarah's hair caught on fire (not actually, but doesn't it look like it?).

Then off to the infamous Voodoo doughnuts. As you see by the sign below, they have VERY clever marketing. You should see what is written on their box (I left it off on purpose, children read this blog!), also they have some doughnuts shaped as body parts. I won't tell you which body parts, but it's strangely appropriate for a doughNUT, if you get my drift.
We ate this wonderful thing. I know, I know, it looks gross, but it's divine. Maple syrup frosting and covered in bacon. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.
Then we watched this movie:

of which I really liked. The thought of just finding a place where you fit and moving there is really appealing. Maybe I'll do it sometime.

We then had Korean tacos. SO good. And then rented a movie (hey we like our movies).