Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Quest Continues

On Friday I went to Market Street Grill with my coworkers (that's right, I said COWORKERS. I have a job!!!!! Talk more about that later) and I knew I needed to try their Shirley Temple.

Here's how it rated.

1. Presentation- about the same as CPK. Pretty, boring glass, but fine. 3.

2. Only one cherry. 1

3. The waiter was great about this. He was really excited about getting me a Shirley Temple and he brought me three, yes three! 4

4. I didn't pay for this lunch so it was free! I don't know how much it would have been if I was paying. 4

5. It actually tasted great. Wasn't too sweet, it was really good. 4

With a total score of 16/25

I got this one at Z Tejas at the Gateway.

1. Well when I saw the cherries I was super excited. But it's still in a boring glass. I liked that the four cherries weren't just dumped in the glass, but the waitress didn't bring me a second one even though she said she was getting me one and then she said she was getting me one to go and never did! BOO. 1

2. Four cherries, four points. 4

3. The waitress bugged me! She talked way too much. Didn't come back when we needed her and when she did come back, she wouldn't leave. Oh and she did not deliver on her promises about the Shirley Temples. 2

4. $2.50. 2

5. It wasn't strong enough. It tasted like soda water. Even though I sounded mad about her not bringing me another one, I was kinda glad because it wasn't good. 1

Z Tejas Shirley Temple Score 10/25

So far, Market Street is the front runner.

People have asked why I am doing this. I was thinking about this today in Relief Society. We had a lesson about taking care of our bodies and not doing things that defile it. There was a whole discussion about the internet and trying to portray ourselves a certain way on the internet when we really aren't that way. I thought about my blog and didn't feel guilty. I feel like I portray myself exactly as I am.

As far as the Shirley Temples, this is me. I love Shirley Temples. Maybe it's a vice, all that sugar and artificial color, but it's an honest vice. And I want to find the best one. I'm obsessed.


Brenna said...

I love your quest! It makes me happy... and it makes me wish I were home in Utah.

Alissa said...

That 2nd picture looks gross - no where near red enough. So when do we learn more about the job?

Mickael said...

Keep up the quest Angie. You need to dream out loud.