Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanks for nothing

I was told yesterday that I needed to write a new blog. Well here you go Amy, brand spanking new. Thanksgiving came and went- it was a pretty depressing day for me actually, but the weekend that followed was great. Erin and I took our little road trip to Boise. We stayed in a hotel just a block from the Egyptian Theater. They upgraded our room to a suite and we had to sleep in the same GIANT king size bed (the front desk guy was concerned this would be a problem for us, until we informed him that once, as roommates, we slept in the same bed for 9 months . . .we’re close). The view was pretty amazing from our room- Boise is better than I expected.

We then went and saw The Swell Season at the Egyptian Theater and they did not disappoint. Rachael Yamagata opened and was amazing. Glen Hansard made me cry numerous times. He is just so talented. He stood in front of the mics and unplugged his guitar to sing Tell it to me now. It just blew me away. Their closing number was a mash up of Red Chord, Josh Ritter’s Come and Find Me and an Irish drinking song The Parting Glass. My little celtic group actually sings that one, so it was great to hear.

Erin and I had a really good time just talking and laughing and singing and sitting and swimming and just being best friends. Here is a video of her dancing on our king size bed, singing a song from the band we just saw. I dare say, her rendition makes me laugh.

On a more work related note- what is more embarrassing than having an appendicitis attack at work? NOT having an appendicitis attack at work, but all the doctors and coworkers at the hospital where you work thinking something is really bad and treating you in one of the rooms and discovering it is actually only constipation (true story). Humiliating. Oh and then about a week later I was walking out of the nurses station and fell on my face. Seriously, what is wrong with me? People must think I am insane- or drunk. Which doesn’t bode well working at a rehab hospital, they might try to admit me.

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Sarita said...

Glad it was good. Boise is a cool little city (or at least seemed cool the one night I stayed there). I miss Erin and Angie cracking me up. Also, Damn, you both look hot.