Friday, December 28, 2007


The site meter tells me what people google in order to find my blog. Here are the last 5 things people googled and found me!

1)slept with a mormon girl

2)twisty legs

3)bulimia amnesia

4)no more ballyhoo

5)how can you pee your pants on accident

Oh and on some Thai search engine someone searched "fat prostitute" and found my blog.

Well, I think that pretty much sums it up.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where's the love?

Remember this fortune?

Today is supposed to be great. What the hell happened?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We never change, do we?

I was thinking about my blog this week and it has definitely become a journal for me. I don't really write in a journal. I have one and occasionally I write down some pearls of wisdom, but for the most part I go months and months without writing. When I was on my mission I kept a journal almost everyday. I was very diligent about it and I am really glad that I did. I often make a goal to write in my journal and I am good about it for a while and then I fall behind, once again and then there is far too much for me to write and I feel overwhelmed.

A friend was over the other day and he got a hold of my childhood journal. This journal has all of my crazy thoughts form 1987 to 1999 (I told you I don't write that much). Anyway, I was totally embarrassed as he began to read aloud my secret thoughts- embarrassed through the laughter. I really went into great detail on a lot of things- silly things. But they were important at the time.

Here is the funny little entry of my first kiss. Now I need to tell you that I must have talked about Billy a hundred times before this entry- so this was a LONG time coming. I just want you to understand how silly I sound. I am including all of the spelling errors. Oh and please notice how they came over for dinner and then later we went to Denny's. That's how we did it in Florida, the beach and Denny's our only hang outs.

January 29, 1995

Hello. It's been a very long time sense I've written. ALOT has happened. Over X-mas break Billy, Josh, Spencer, Cindi and Alissa all came over for dinner. We wanted Spencer and Cindi to meet each other because they are both out at BYU. Anyway, after dinner we all went to the beach and Denny's. Me, Josh, Alissa and Billy all went to Alissa's house (Spencer and Cindi went home). Well, the four of us watched "Speed" and when it was over it was 4:30am and me and Billy were sitting on one couch while Alissa and Josh were on another. It was very dark in there and YES Billy FINALLY kissed me!! Can you believe it? 16 years old and (the loser that I am) Billy Bay, the boy I have had a crush on for 2 years was my 1st kiss!!! Personally I think he did it because he knew he was going on his mission and it was just a "thing I have to do before I leave".

Side note: Years later, when my father became bishop, Billy was his second counselor and married the girl who was his girlfriend when he kissed me (scandalous).

Later on in that same entry I wrote about Billy's farewell and how I was so sad. Here is what I said (I am embarrassed to even be putting this in here, but it is so so so funny):

I have never cared about a guy as much as I have cared about Billy. It is more then me just liking him though, he has become one of my closest and BEST friends that I have ever had and I love him. Honestly I think today is the first time (probably won't be the last) that my heart was broken. And although it really hurts, I am so glad that Billy was the one to break it.

HA! I am so dramatic. Sad part is, if I still wrote in a journal I am sure it would sound pretty much the same.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Things to be happy about

I have so many things that make me happy lately. I love lists, so I will just list them.

1.Karaoke- especially in an office setting. I belted out my best rendition of "Blaze of Glory" with full on air guitar and leg kicks. I also sang a beautiful duet of "Pour Some Sugar on Me" with my co worker that made us the talk of the office- who knew the lyrics were so suggestive?

2.Cutting down a tree. That is really fun. Seriously. It was like hunting, except you didn't have to worry about the "game" running away. I don't know why I compared it to hunting, I don't like hunting. Anyway. There is something so peaceful about being in the snowy mountains with no one else around- quiet and beautiful- picking out your own Christmas tree. I'd love to do it every year. Even though our tree turned out to be a little Charlie Brown-esque.

3.The movie "Once". I love that I now own it and can watch it as many times as I want.

4. Sick days. They are mine for the taking.

5. Snow storms with lightning. I had never experienced one until last night. I was curled up in my bed and able to just enjoy it. It was amazing. I love crazy storms (as long as I am not driving). I did almost die on the road later in the evening, but that is not part of this list.

6. Dinner with a good group of friends, swapping stories, laughing and just being together. That is so fun.

7. A low stress road trip where no one is annoying. It is really enjoyable to just drive and talk and drive and talk and drive some more. Of course I was just the passenger. The occasional rest stop was nice too.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can't help who you love.

Ever have that one person in your life you can't get over? My problem is, I have many of those. Some I won't think about for years on end and then something will happen or remind me of them and I miss them. Every time I break up with someone (or get broken up with) I think, "as long as I get married before them, I'll be fine". Unfortunately I don't have the best luck with that one, I guess it's because I keep getting older- the age you should be getting married and so the ex's do, and I don't. The 'not getting married' part is fine- it's that my ex boyfriends aren't staying miserable without me. Sometimes I hear about an ex getting married and I don't care at all- it's great, that's another one I don't have to worry about! However, in some cases it stings a little, or sometimes a lot.

Another one bites the dust.

Monday, December 10, 2007

RLS. It's real!!

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from restless legs syndrome. Of course I didn't know it was called that- I normally called it nervous legs or twisty legs. Most recently have changed it to crazy legs syndrome, because it makes you feel crazy. BUT IT'S REAL. Despite some people saying it's "made up". If you had experienced the symptoms, you would know it's real.

I was given a prescription and it makes me very sick to my stomach. I hate it, but it does help with the RLS. I have been looking on the internet for another prescription that may be better for me. I found another, but listen to the side effects.

People have reported problems with gambling, compulsive eating, and increased sex drive.

OK, so the compulsive eating and increased sex drive don't seem that weird, but does anyone else find blaming a pill for gambling a little odd? And the last thing I need as a single Mormon girl is increased sex drive. My luck I would become a super fat prostitute who gambles away all her earnings. I think I should keep looking.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The GREAT(?) Saltair

What is so very great about the Saltair really? Especially in the middle of a terrible snow storm? My experience with the Saltair has been fairly limited- the bands I have seen there have been sub par at best. Such bands as Everclear, Blink 182, Long Beach Dub All Stars (they were as bad as their name), the Aqubats and Primus- OK so this was 10 years ago. Last night the Saltair may have redeemed itself. It was off to a rocky start with the $5.00 parking fee and the huge puddle right in the middle of the parking lot. Where else are you going to park out there? In the great Salt Lake? But then the opening band came on. Arthur & Yu. I love them, seriously. I thought their songs and harmonies were wonderful. I am actually going to BUY the album- I was that impressed. Here's a little taste:

Then on to Iron and Wine. I have seen them before and they were as good as I had remembered. I do think I am getting a little old to be standing in place for 4 hours. I really like sit down concerts. Next thing you know, I'll be dying my hair blue (the old kind, not the cool kind). Ah well, it was still a good time. There were so many beards I almost felt out of place, however, me with a beard would have been a bit weird. He was complaining of having no voice, but his voice was as mellow and soothing as always. I think you get a contact high from his music, seriously, we were all extremely chill and I totally had the munchies. Who needs to smoke weed when you can just listen to Iron and Wine? It's cheaper and more legal. I am pretty sure they played most of the new album The Shepard's Dog which is really fantastic. The highlights for me were when they sang "Wolves", "Boy with a Coin" and especially "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"- that was my favorite part.

I did almost pass out at one point because I hadn't eaten for almost 11 hours- that was slightly embarrassing, but IHOP came to the rescue after we braved the treacherous roads. Thank goodness Amanda was driving.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Eye Patch

I have already expressed that I love this song and I love this band. Now there is a video. The guy with the eye patch kills me and the pelvic thrusts made my whole night.


The Bird and the Bee, Polite Dance Song

Suicide and Santa

I was looking at apple trailers online and seeing if there were any movies to be excited about. I watched the preview for Wristcutters: A love Story and it looked like something I would love. I soon discovered it was playing at Brewvies and that the matinee was the last showing before the movies changed. SO, since my clients cancelled I decided it was a sign that I should go to the movie. Ryan and Aliah came along. I loved it. It was dark and quirky. It kinda had an Eternal Sunshine sorta feel. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Here's a little about the movie:
Zia, distraught over breaking up with his girlfriend, decides to end it all. Unfortunately, he discovers there is no real ending, only a run-down afterlife that is strikingly similar to his old one, just a bit worse. Discovering that his ex-girlfriend has also “offed” herself , he sets out on a road trip, with his Russian rocker friend, to find her. Their journey takes them through an absurd purgatory where they discover that being dead doesn’t mean you have to stop livin’.

I know it sounds depressing, but it was really quite endearing.

I love that I could find people to join me in the middle of the afternoon. It pays to have a friend who is a comedian and another in grad school. I had never seen a movie at Brewviews before. It kinda smelled like urine and there was a constant sound of running water in the theater- but you can drink beer, so it was worth it.

Tonight I went to the big brothers big sisters Christmas party with my little. It was fun. We got to visit with Santa (who was kinda a pervert) and interact with other bigs and littles. I think I had my hand on Santa's knee. Doesn't it look that way? No wonder he was a pervert.

Whitney got a monopoly game and we ate the catered Panda Express. I think everyone should be a "big". It's one of the funnest things I have ever done.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The church is true . . .

We went to see the temple square Christmas lights and I have to say I was simply whelmed- not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed . . . just whelmed. I thought there should have been WAY more lights than there were. I was wanting to see so many lights that my mind was blown, but they just weren't there. I feel like in the past, the lights were everywhere. I really think that the church has put less lights up this year- maybe there is the same amount they are just spread out over more space (conference center, main street, church office building courtyard, etc). I am proposing we encourage the church to put up more lights next year and in order to make this happen, we came up with a brilliant idea(see picture below).

I think they will get it, don't you?

Regardless of how many lights are on temple square, I wanted to be sure you all knew that the church is still true. Amen.

This next picture was my attempt at being artsy and cool at photography- of which I am neither- but I feel like the temple came out surprisingly well. Even with a digital camera I am known to take a blurry, unimaginative picture. Please compliment my attempt, I am so very proud.

This next one is Amy Howell and Me. Her being beautiful, me being somewhat special (and not in a good way).

I sent out a mass text so that all of my dear friends would join me on this Christmas outing. Only a few responded. I am almost always not as popular as I think I should be, but I think we had the perfect amount of people to have a great time. Poor Nate was the only boy that agreed to come and what do we do? We make him pose by the handicapped sign. It is pretty funny though. I think the old missionary man standing by us thought we were totally irreverent.

Nate also came in handy when my fingers started to freeze- Thanks homeless people for thinking up fingerless gloves and making them become the newest craze! Nate let me stick my ice cube fingers in his armpits. What a good friend. This picture looks totally staged, but this is totally real. Totally.

Apparently I am a narcissist, because in almost every stupid picture you see my face. It's my blog and it's supposed to be all about me, so I guess that's alright. Here is a lit up paper bag with the word "Santisook" which means peace. It's Thai and I went to Thailand on my mission, in case you missed the connection.

Since Sarah went to Toronto, Spanish speaking- here she is with the "Amor" bag. Oh and notice how I am not present in that picture.

We all look so happy to be looking at Christmas lights, don't we? Oh, except for Nate who kinda looks like a serial killer.

Once again Nate is not smiling, but only because I made him do this shot. That's what you get when you are the only guy. You become a prop. Still love ya Nate, you make a good prop.

My last attempt at the artistic. I could totally take pictures for the Ensign or at least the Friend.
I seriously love Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"How can it be bulls**t to state a preference?"

So Salt Lake City just got a Chipotle restaurant. Everyone was pretty excited about this. I was too, but I am incredibly easily amused, so that's not really surprising. I didn't go and eat there right away. I wanted the hype to die down a bit. I went with a friend for the first time a week ago. I realized as we walked in that it was a lot like Barbacoa (which I love) and so I thought I would order the same thing I order there in order to compare. Like a little taste test science project. After sitting down and eating, I made a decision.

*drum roll please*

I prefer Barbacoa.

Why you ask? Well I am glad you asked, because I have compiled a list of reasons why I like Barbacoa better. In no particular order.

1.It's closer to my house. - I like to be able to jump in my car and just be there, right when I want a chicken burrito and it can be mine.
2.The man behind the counter always speaks to me in Spanish and when he can tell I don't understand, he tries to teach me the words. He also calls my chicken burrito Pollo Loco (crazy chicken) and it makes me laugh every time.
3.I like the flavor of the crazy chicken better at Barbacoa- I just do.
4.They mix up the insides of my burrito at Barbacoa. When I asked for them to do it at Chipotle, she just gave me this blank stare- which leads me to number 5-
5.They are better at wrapping my burrito at Barbacoa. None of the delicious insides fall out, unlike Chipotle.
6.They have fresh limes that you can put in your diet coke. Chipotle only has lemon. Oh, AND Barbacoa has Diet Coke with lime on tap!!!! Double your pleasure.

Don't get me wrong, I will eat at Chipotle, it's good, just not as good as Barbacoa.

They both beat the hell out of Cafe Rio.