Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pacific North West Day 5

This is the only picture I took of Day 5. We went to this old old hotel in Washington. It is an old bath house that pumps in hot mineral water. You sit in a really hot mineral bath in a big claw foot porcelain tub. I love baths, so this was amazing. Then you get wrapped in blankets and sweat for another half hour or so. It was really nice. The girl side was a little more modest then the boy side (from what Nolan told me).

That night, we went with Sarah and Joel to see I Love You Man (yes another movie), but this theater was so cool. It was like Brewvies, but way better. A really old theater, with over stuffed chairs and love seats, beautiful inside. Their food was really good too. I had their hummus plate- so good. And the movie only costs 3 bucks.

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nomadic gnome said...

hello! we have a lot of the same friends, I see.
i love your posts on seattle - i'm going there for a week and need some good ideas for things to do. i'll be using this for research, thanks mucho!