Saturday, January 12, 2013

This. Is. Happening.

I am feeling nostalgic. I spent about an hour looking at old blog posts and remembering the "good ol' days" and I am so glad that I had it documented to look back on. I miss my girls. I miss the fun I used to have, but I also love my life now. So why am I not documenting it? Well, for one, I don't have a computer. So, I am currently using my husbands work computer to type this. Secondly, I am BUSY. Stupid busy and tired. STUPID tired. But that is no excuse. So, I will blog. Even if no one reads this dang thing, I will blog.

The day after Christmas I went to Florida. I went to see one of my very best friends from high school get married and I stayed with one of my very best friends. Ginger's wedding was amazing. She was a vision in white, she married Byron- who may be one of the nicest people there is (my in laws LOVED him when they met him at our wedding, I almost think they would have been ok if I married him that weekend). The wedding was behind the Van Wezel in Sarasota, right on the water and it was beautiful. And the reception was a blast. Did I mention we danced? And people got way drunk? And I drank 7 shirley temples? And I wore spanks? (So peeing was a nightmare!!!) And Alissa may or may not have peed on herself? (sorry liss)

It was fantastic.

Nathaniel and I are going back to florida the first week in February. He didn't go with me to the wedding since we were making a trip out a month later. I can't wait for him to see where I grew up. When I was flying in for the wedding, I kept expecting that it was going to feel like going home. It didn't. Which kinda made me sad. I guess Utah is the closest to home of anywhere. I have been here over 12 years, that's nuts.

So, in conclusion. I will blog. We'll see if I actually do, but I really want to.

The end.

PS. I can't figure out this new blogger picture caption thingy. So once again the pictures are on the bottom. Oh well. 

Byron and Ginger, the first dance

Me and Ging

Alissa and Me (This contributed to the pee incident)

My Table and my Shirley Temple.

Pedi cab to the wedding