Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's love gotta do with it?

I was explaining to someone the other day how I think I fall in love with every guy I date (or have a crush on) just a little bit. They said that it sounded like a line, but it's true! I am a hopeless romantic and part of me just falls hard. The problem with falling hard, frequently, is that I also seem to get heart broken frequently and can't seem to get over the heartbreak, all the while falling in love just a little bit with someone new (are you following me?). I am sure it isn't the worst position to be in, but it's not the best either. To be in a constant state of heartbreak and twitterpation can not only be confusing, but can also be quite exhausting. I have this idealistic, optimistic side that sees me riding off into the sunset on a white horse with prince charming during or even after he destroys my heart.

I don't know where I was going with this. It was just an observation of how truly messed up I am. The end.


Ms. White said...

letting go is the worst part for me. i really don't like it one bit.

J said...

Ah yes, it's all too familiar for me. However, I feel it is much better to gamble and loose than to never take a chance on love at all. For then you are willingly condemning yourself to a life of loneliness. Keep falling. Someone will catch you.

Anonymous said...
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