Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

D Day

So, we drove all night and all day and ended up in Columbia, MO last night. Why you ask? To see this guy.

Yep. (It was on the way to New York). Here are some pictures of the night O' fun.

Favorite stories Dave told.

One time he hung out with Dave Matthews and called shotgun so Dave Matthews had to sit in the back. Today he sent me a text that said "Wanna know why I was ok calling shotgun on Dave Matthews? Because f*ck Dave Matthews."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Spontaneous Combustion

THIS is what I am doing right now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Church is inspiring

Girl #1: Boys are stupid

Girl #2: Yeah. Let's kill them all.

Girl #1: Ok, but how?

Girl #2: Poison?

Girl #1: No, too hard.

Girl #2: Knives?

Girl #1: No, too gory.

Girl #2: Hmmm.

Girl #1: I know! Machine guns!

Girl #1 & #2: Girls Totally Rule!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Made my day

Picture this. I was at Gandolfo's today when what do I see outside the window? A weird dude with a wolf shirt and a crazy old lady by his side and not one, but FOUR cats- all with their very own leash. Ever seen a cat on a leash? They don't like it much. I guess he was just out for a stroll, but the cats did not want to participate. they were going in all directions and one wouldn't even move. It was possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

Friday, August 8, 2008

P.S. on my last post.

I am really not bitter, I just had some thoughts and wanted to share them. I totally want to be in love and believe in love and think many people do it right. I have just seen some pretty crappy things go down lately and it shakes my faith a bit.


LOVE . . . whatever that means

So I am questioning this whole love thing. Lately a lot has been happening around me in my friend's love lives and in my own at times that really makes me question it. Love has been the catalyst for wars, the topic of practically EVERY song and/or story and basically rules our lives. I am talking about romantic love of course. I am not going to argue the importance of family love or godly love. But this whole Eros thing kinda pisses me off. "All ya need is love", sorry Beatles, if that were true a lot of our lives would be a whole lot sweeter. Oh and those thinking that love is this huge all encompassing thing is going to hit us and be so wonderful that it will complete our lives in such a way that we will just know- like a lightening bolt or a sign from God and then it will just be easy from then on out- Well, I don't believe it. You can call me cynical, but I prefer realistic.

I am so sick of hearing about marriages falling apart due to infidelity, or relationships not happening because "I just didn't love them enough" or "We fell out of love". And then don't even get me started on people blatantly seeking companionship/love or even physical gratification outside of marriage. What is THAT all about? Believe me, I am a social worker. I understand the extenuating circumstances, but honesty is still the best policy- so get out and then get your freak on with someone else. Hurting your spouse/significant other by cheating is never ok. Once that person finds out, they are ruined. It's happened to me and it sucks.

I really wish love was enough. I really wish it could be the one thing that could overcome any obstacle, attack any insecurity, combat any addiction. But it isn't. It all comes down to choice. Love is a choice we have to choose everyday and sometimes it's the hardest choice.

I will now step down from my soapbox.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shot through the Heart and you're to balme. . .

I hate shots. I HATE shots. I understand that they are necessary and that we need them in order to be immune to certain diseases and/or get tests to make sure you are healthy- blah blah blah, But I will never get used to someone sticking a needle in my arm. Especially when I have to pay them hundreds of dollars to do it. It just doesn't seem right. Well, in order for me to do my practicum in the fall, it was necessary. I also had to pee in a cup to prove I wasn't a hardcore drug user. All in all today was a very exhausting day full of waiting (a long time), peeing and poking (I was the one being poked. . . by needles). I just have to keep telling myself that it is a means to an end, this is all part of the plan and when it's done, I will have a piece of paper that says I MASTERED social work.

Doing nothing has started to take it's toll. I stay up until 4am almost every night. I am either reading or watching Heroes. Good thing there isn't a pee test to determine if you are addicted to a TV show, because if there was one I would be in trouble. In the past two weeks I have finished season one and half of season two- I just need to finish it and then I can walk away. I mean, I could really quit anytime, but why quit when you are so close to finishing? I think I should be given a certificate stating Angie hereby completed season 1 and season 2 of Heroes, then I would at least feel like I had accomplished something. Ah well, I took this time off to do nothing and that is what I am doing. Nothing of importance anyway.

Although I did play rockband the other night with some friends and I can pretty much sing anything on expert without failing. How many people can say that? Hmmm, maybe a lot. Don't worry, I am not waisting away my life. Sometimes I even go outside and ride my bike.