Monday, May 30, 2011

96 days

I had a dream the other night that it was a week before the wedding and I hadn't planned anything. It was terrible. I was in panic mode and threw a bunch of things together and it was awful. I know that won't happen, I have too many capable and talented friends for that to EVER happen, but I do fear running out of time.

I have so many ideas, but have not tried to execute a lot of them- SO I better start!

This memorial day weekend was filled with house stuff. My future in laws are in town and we accomplished a lot. Valerie gave me a much needed tutorial on gardening. The front and sides of the house look 150% better. It's starting to really look nice . . . on the outside. The inside looks like a construction zone. As it should. Exposing brick walls, fixing the torn out kitchen, adding doors, removing plaster, emptying out the swimming pool in the basement (this is the wettest May in recorded history and our basement can attest to that). Who knew a house that is over one hundred years old could need so much TLC? (just kidding, we knew . . . kinda)

It's so exciting, but so stressful as well. So much to do, it's kind of overwhelming. I am so lucky to have such a great family and to be marrying in to such a great family, but I will be relieved when I am sitting on a beach in Costa Rica on my honeymoon and some of the stress is behind me.

Oh, and did I mention Nathaniel bought us tickets to Costa Rica for my birthday!?!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Things could be much worse.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moments . . .

I took today off to celebrate my birthday. This has become a little tradition of mine, to hang out with myself and celebrate my birthday. I slept in, took myself to the movies (Bridesmaids, seemed appropriate) and went shopping. I bought myself a little somethin' somethin' NOT on sale at anthropologie and when I got home, opened a lovely birthday package from my future mother-in-law. SUCH A GOOD DAY. And to top it all off- Nathaniel and I picked up the keys to OUR house (well, technically HIS house until September). It was so exciting!!! I am getting an amazing husband and we are moving in to our first home together soon and I am so excited!!!!!!!!

It should say SOLD, since it is totally SOLD- to us!!!!!!!!!

This is on the wall in the master bedroom and is SO true. But is also SO getting painted over as soon as possible.

Home sweet home!!!!

P.S. The wedding is in 108 days. UGH!! I need to start figuring stuff out.