Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pacific North West Day 2

Then we went to Multnomah Falls. I love this place. It's like a little piece of Heaven just off the freeway (with lots of touristy people, but heaven is probably like that too, right?). We stopped and got lemonade at this cute stand some girls had up, hiked the falls (a little), Nolan stepped in dog poo (a lot) and Sarah's hair caught on fire (not actually, but doesn't it look like it?).

Then off to the infamous Voodoo doughnuts. As you see by the sign below, they have VERY clever marketing. You should see what is written on their box (I left it off on purpose, children read this blog!), also they have some doughnuts shaped as body parts. I won't tell you which body parts, but it's strangely appropriate for a doughNUT, if you get my drift.
We ate this wonderful thing. I know, I know, it looks gross, but it's divine. Maple syrup frosting and covered in bacon. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.
Then we watched this movie:

of which I really liked. The thought of just finding a place where you fit and moving there is really appealing. Maybe I'll do it sometime.

We then had Korean tacos. SO good. And then rented a movie (hey we like our movies).

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:p said...

Did you get your Korean Taco's at KOIfusion. LOVE that place. Glad you enjoyed Portland. It's a great town.