Thursday, May 8, 2014

Family Vacation!!

Sebastian went on his first family trip and had his first nights sleeping away from home and he was great! We drove down to Moab for a quick two day trip. Here's a little known secret- the KOA in Moab has cabins. They are very small (sleep 4 adults) and they have no bathroom (you use the very nice community bathrooms) but it was so pleasant. There is electricity, a heater, swamp cooler, a full size bed and one bunk bed. They even had a table that comes out of the wall that was perfect for a changing table! I loved it. We all did. Sebastian cooed and smiled the whole time we were there.

The first morning we put Batman in daycare and went into Arches National Park. We hiked to delicate arch. I was a little nervous about Sebastian, but we put him in the Ergo baby and he slept the whole time. You can't put sunscreen on a newborn before 6 months, covered him pretty good with a hat, long sleeve shirt and pants and sunglasses. ADORABLE.

We took him out long enough to eat and snap a picture of him with the arch in the background- he was not super happy to be out of the carrier. It had gotten a little sweaty (mostly Nathaniel sweat) and I think he was cold. But here is the classic picture.
We also got a family one where Sebastian is still in the carrier.
It was truly gorgeous. And the hike was pretty easy, just a mile and a half each way. The weather was nice, not too hot and we tried to go in the morning so it was cooler. We stopped at a few more places, like balancing rock and double arches, but one hike was probably all Sebastian could handle. 

We then walked around Moab, got matching Tshirts from this cute Tshirt shop and went to lunch before picking up the dog and returning to the cabin. We had hot dogs and s'mores that night and turned in early. On Saturday, Nathaniel and Batman went for a nice long hike that was dog friendly, while Sebastian and I lounged around the cabin.

 On our way back to Salt Lake we took a detour to Dead Horse Point. I had never heard of it before. It was beautiful. Kind of a smaller grand canyon. We also attempted to take a family picture with our matching T shirts. Nathaniel was a little embarrassed, but I insisted. You can't really tell that Sebastian is wearing the shirt, but he is!!
Here are some more of the view:

Like I said, it was so beautiful. Sebastian was great in the car, he slept there and back. What a great little traveler!! I hope we go again sometime. Maybe in the fall when it is cool again. I can't believe I have lived in Utah so long and have never been to Moab.