Saturday, June 30, 2007

things that made this week great

-went swimming 4 times
-went on an amazingly long and fun mountain bike ride with Anna
-walked to the Farmer's Market
-bought TONS of cherries from the Farmer's Market
-saw a scary movie and screamed out loud
-finished house/dog sitting
-slept in my own bed for the first time in two weeks
-acquired a tomato plant and a pepper plant
-figured out how to make my room breezy and bare able
-went on a fun date
-talked to an old friend on the phone and laughed so hard it hurt
-got a little sunburned
-randomly rented a movie I had never heard of and really liked it
-spent more time outside than I did inside
-was told I was beautiful
-eating so much you think you might explode
-guitar hero and Wii among friends
-dancing and singing in the car

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I like this band

The Bird and the Bee

Check out their songs at the link above. Listen to the second song down. I feel that way a lot lately. It's like I wrote the song. Sorry about the bad words.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The tennis ball doesn't fall far from the tree

I have a mother that is classic. She is the most hilarious person I know and doesn't even try. She says things like, "When your father was younger, he was the cat's banana" or in a moment of comfort "You gotta go through the fire before you see the light" (don't forget her thick southern drawl). She also tells hilarious stories about her time in the Marine Corps or when she was a stewardess. Of course none of these are actually meant to be hilarious, which makes them all the more funny. If you've me her, you know what I mean. She also gets every one's names wrong.

Angie=Tommy (my brother and I were often confused, must be the chest hair)
My boyfriend=some random name like Bob or Judd or Tab, it always left my boyfriends wondering if I had a piece on the side.

As I get older and as I continue to make fun of her in a sense, I am realizing more and more that I am my mother's daughter. I do things everyday that are very "Sonja" in nature. Not that it would be terrible to be like my mother. She is a wonderful person.

The other day at work I called one of the kids I work with by the wrong name the whole day. The terrible thing is that I have know this kid for over a year.

I said the words snot and sweaty in front of the entire relief society during a testimony type moment.

And the worst, today I was trying to call my dad and I pressed the wrong number, when the phone was answered I very enthusiastically said "Hi daddy!!!" and kept talking. To my shock and horror it was a friend of mine and not my Daddy at all. He handled it well.

I know that this is just going to get progressively worse and so I have decided to embrace it. A good malapropism never hurt anyone, President Bush is a perfect example of that. I'd like to leave my mark on the world in some way or I might, like Mike Tyson says "fade into Bolivian" and nobody wants that.


I have recently become addicted to blogging. I was feeling a little guilty about it until recently when I realized there are far worse things I could be addicted to. So I have decided not to join any support groups or twelve step programs, I feel no need for repentance on this matter, so I will continue as is- blogging like crazy.

I would like to say though that even though I blog frequently, the things I write on here are just a very small part of who I am. I comment (mostly sarcastically) on things I think are funny. I don't expect anyone else to agree with me. Because my ideas are sporadic and not connected, the good things about me may not shine through. I hope when someone really gets to know my life and who I really am, they will realize that I have some substance.

There is something that I want the cyber world to know. I try everyday to be a good person. I sometimes fail miserably, but I do try. I would never intentionally say or do anything to hurt someone else. I feel I am in a good place. There is always need for improvement and I try to improve everyday.

I have a strong set of core beliefs and morals that I live by and I do live by them. I am a good person, who sometimes likes a little irreverence. I have never intentionally lied on this blog, in fact I don't believe I have unintentionally lied on this blog. But these are my opinions and if I say something that you don't like, don't read it.

I am sure many of you are confused by this and if you think it is directed at you, it probably isn't. It just needed to be said. (this whole debacle came about because of another blog I wrote "Man of My Dreams")

This house is clean.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I fell in love with the movie "Once"

There is something about a man and a woman harmonizing together that just gets me. I love it. I think that is why I love Damien Rice, Joshua Radin, even Ben Gibbard- they do this beautifully.

"Once" was a lovely little story about music, loneliness and just trying to make life make sense. The music told the story and at times I felt like I was watching a music video or even a live show, but it worked. I loved the Characters and didn't even know their names. If you like acoustic music or any kind of music, go and see this movie. I thought it was beautifully done.

Check out some of the music.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Movin' 100.7 is the best thing that ever happened to me

Maybe not the BEST thing, but pretty close. I drive a van about 4 times a week, a van full of teenagers. Their music is crap and they refuse to listen to anything I like, so we compromise. I have never danced so much as when I am driving the big white mental health "peace van" listening to such hits as:

"Busta move" Young MC
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody" Whitney Houston
"Toxic" Brittney Spears
"Blister in the Sun" Violent Femmes
"I like Big Butts" by that one guy

Most of the music is just old stuff that I forgot about, but it makes me laugh and dance and the teenagers like it too. Just check it out. When Ipods aren't an option and there is no way to please everyone, Movin' 100.7 may just do the trick.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dog sitting

I am dog sitting/house sitting. I started two days ago and I am doing it through the 29th. My parents went to Seattle and I am staying in their house and watching their dog. I love Max, but he is a bit spoiled and doesn't like to be left home alone for very long. I leave him all day, so I feel guilty not being there at night. So this sitting business has become just that. I sit and sit. I am bored and lonely. If anyone feels the desire to make a trip out west, let me know, I would love the company.

I did have some friends come swim over the weekend and we had great fun in the pool, with the kids. Apparently Chris and Zac are women. Hilarious.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Driven to murder

So I would never condone innocently killing anything. I am a lover not a fighter (or killer, or whatever). However, is it sometimes justified? I don't mean killing a person or anything, that is always and will always be wrong. But what about things that just annoy the hell out of you? Many people wouldn't hesitate to kill a bug. The other night my roommates and I along with our downstairs neighbor (he's a big guy), ran around our front room screaming like little girls because there was a water bug. The event ended only in it's torturous demise. Have you seen a water bug? It was necessary.

The reason I bring all this up is because we recently had some new neighbors move in. Besides the fact that they are totally rude, they also have big obnoxious birds. It's summer time and I love the house I live in, but I live in the attic. It's already as hot as Hades up here and my window opens to the new neighbor's house. I have to wear one of those eye masks to block out the sun and now I will have to invest in some ear plugs because before my alarm ever wakes me up I hear "SQUAWK SQUAWK" over and over and over.

Now that you understand my situation, you may also understand why I ask if it is ever ok to kill an innocent animal. I am sure it is not the bird's fault. My idiot neighbors have put this poor bird's life in danger. Anyone know a good hit man? For a bird? Just curious- we could totally make it look like road kill. I am evil.

Sex in the media

I am appalled. Just appalled. I went to the “movie in the park” with some friends, expecting to have a wholesome evening of free entertainment and what did I get? Smut. That’s right. They were showing Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. I probably hadn’t seen this movie in over 15 years ( I have seen the third one about a hundred times, I have a thing for Sean Connery). As I watched this movie, I started to remember things here and there, but the things I didn’t remember were all the sexual innuendos. Some weren’t innuendos at all, but blatant references to the act of sex. Unbelievable. I mean look at this movie poster, It just screams sex.


#1:Marion: I don’t know what you are doing, but do it faster.

#2:Indiana: It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

#3:Indiana: There's a big snake in the plane, Jock.

#4:Satipo: Let us hurry. There is nothing to fear here.
Indiana: That's what scares me.

#5:Marion: Well, Jones, at least you haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time.

#6:Indiana: I never meant to hurt you.
Marion: I was a child. I was in love. It was wrong and you knew it.
Indiana: You knew what you were doing.

#7:Indiana: Bend over and I’ll show ya. (ok, so the actual line was come down here and I’ll show ya, but we all knew what he meant)

You know what I am realizing? I don’t think Indiana Jones is the only movie that this filth has occurred in. I think if we would go back and watch other movies from our childhood, there would be more of the same.

Needless to say I was truly embarrassed. I went with friends from the ward. I really should have left, that is what any other righteous, pure, for the strength of youth pamphlet yielding woman would have done, but I didn’t. I gave in to the pressure of my peers and I stayed.

Here is a picture of the scandalous group.

Don’t I just look miserable? I was. Just miserable.

Next week they are showing The Neverending Story. I may be there just to further my investigation on this theory. There may be a sex scene with Atreyu that I never noticed before. Disgusting.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My new favorite movie

I must have been on my mission when this movie came out. There is no other explanation as to why I hadn't seen it before last night. I seriously love this movie. Animal cruelty has never been so funny.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Man of my dreams

I rarely check my hotmail account, but I did today and I was reading some of the old emails I had saved in a folder. One of them was from my BFF Alyssa. This was the summer of 2001 and I was thinking about marrying this one guy. Anyway, in Alyssa's email, she quoted me. While on my mission, one of my letters that I sent her had the criteria of a boy I would want to marry. It's kinda funny, but I thought I would share it.

Ok. this is everything superficial and not. he has to be pretty good looking-not so hot that you feel ugly with him, but just a real hottie. A good dresser- NOT preppy- skater, surfer, boarder type- except not too trendy like that either. He dresses like that cause its him, not some image he wants to have. he has to be kind of built. Nice arms. he has to be smart, but not Einstein ( I want him fairly normal, not on a different mental plain or anything.) he has to know what he wants to do with his life and be headed that way. I don't want a rich guy, but I want someone who can provide for our needs and support me in whatever comes along. (Now for the important stuff) Returned missionary- and not just any RM but someone who loved their mission and really learned what was important in life from his mission. Someone who honors and is not afraid to use his Melchizedek Priesthood. I think that is SO important! Someone who loves the temple and goes often. (Meaning more than once a month.) Someone who loves his mom and dad, brothers and sisters so much and will treat me well.

Good ol' Sister Robson. I didn't marry the guy. Good guy, just not for me. After reading this, I realize that I have let my standards become a little lax. Ah well. What can you do? Here is a picture of my new boyfriend. He has about 3 of the listed criteria above, but it's the best 3. I'll let you figure out which ones.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

All you need is love . . . ?

he says: I love you, I have always loved you, I just didn't know how to tell you.

she says: Well now you've told me.

he says: (crying) I should have put a ring on your finger when I had the chance. I miss you and just want to be with you always.

she says: I've missed you too.

he says: Is this hopeless? Can we never be together? It's because I'm not mormon, isn't it?

she says: Remember when we were together, you slept with that one girl?

he says: Yeah, but it was only, like, two times.

Only two times? Oh, in that case, lets get married.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I have told some of you this, but I think that being single is a lot like flying standby. You keep thinking the next flight will be the one you get on and then everything will be ok. Of course you invest your time, energy and sanity by waiting and waiting and then, as the boarding begins, it becomes clear that you are not getting on the flight and you have to wait for the next one, which you also may or may not get on. So you wait another 3 hours, only to discover that it isn't meant to be, once again and it seems like everyone is getting on before you. This happens again and again, you keep getting rejected. Eventually you think you will never get a flight out and that you may be stuck in "Denver" for the rest of your life. Which may be ok, Denver is a nice enough place. Finally you have given up hope. There is only one flight left and you just know you won't get on, but you wait anyway, because what else can you do? And then, to your surprise, you are called to the counter and not only are you getting on the last flight for the night, but they are putting you in first class!!!! And somehow, the whole horrible day seems worth it.

Where is my first class seat?? I am still waiting standby.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pump 'em!!!

I had a fun and interesting weekend. I flew to Atlanta on Friday night for a job interview on Saturday morning at 8am (that is 6am Utah time). I walked in to the interview on 2 hours sleep. It was an interview for a social work job in London, in the Borough of Merton. I got the job!!! If I decide to take it I won't be leaving until the end of September. We shall see. There won't be any going away parties this time.

I was supposed to fly out on Sunday. I flew standby and let me tell you, it really sucked. The flight out was great. I got on both flights I wanted. The flight back was terrible. Sunday, waited at the airport almost 6 hours, didn't get on anything. My friend Jeff (life saver) came and picked me up. I am so glad I missed my flight though, because I was able to go to the Monster Bash at the drive-in in Atlanta. There were bands dressed up like Zombies and midgets dressed up like Zombies and even a disturbing amputee dressed up like an eaten Zombie (kinda gross). They then showed a Sindbad movie and "Army of Darkness". I think I ended up with 2 hours of sleep. Here are the pictures:

Jeff with a taxi hearse.

Many hearses.

Ghostbusters Atlanta chapter. They were very serious about their ghost hunting abilities. It was quite hilarious, but they seemed like nice guys.

My new boyfriend. I like 'em tall.

Zombie Band.

Midget Monster.

So Me, Jeff and Ray sat on the hood of the car and watched the movie. I had to drive home, for hilarious reasons. My favorite thing was Ray yelling from the backseat, "You gotta pump 'em. Just pump 'em, bitches!" Talking about the breaks. I am sure he doesn't remember much about the monster bash at all.

I went to the airport at 6am the next morning on 2 hours sleep. I didn't get back to Salt Lake City until close to midnight last night. I now know the Denver airport really well.