Sunday, April 24, 2011

He liked it so he put a ring on it ("it" being me)

I'm engaged! Still so weird to say.

Nathaniel and I have been dating almost ten months. And I'll be honest, I've known for a while that I wanted to marry him. He is probably the kindest man I have ever known and thoughtful and quiet and not to mention handsome (those blue eyes of his KILL me). I can guarantee he already hates this post (sorry Nathaniel), but I am pretty sure he knows what he is getting into by marrying me. He makes me laugh until I cry. He knows how to kiss me just the way I like. He loves my crazy family. He loves his crazy family (significantly less crazy than mine btw). He is such a loyal friend. He is such a hard worker. He listens to me and tries to make me happy. He is so talented and smart and capable. He's my best friend, like the kind that you make up songs with or goofy dances or tickles you until you almost pee or the kind that cries with you when you are sad and gets mad at things you're mad at or the kind that knows you love non fat iced chai and brings it to you just because. And I love him.

A couple months ago we went looking for rings, very casually. We weren't engaged, we were just talking about it. I found this amazing antique ring that I loved. And I made it very clear that I loved it. I would check the website everyday and just look at it. One day it was gone, I secretly hoped he had bought it, but couldn't be sure. He kept saying that we should look at rings and asking me to email pictures of rings that I liked, so I had my doubts.

On Friday we were in Provo for his family reunion. I met his sweet grandmother and got to see other family members that I had met before. I was totally exhausted, it had been a very rough work week. He started talking about BYU chocolate milk and how he really wanted some. So we went to the cougareat to get some. It was 9pm and just closing up. There were only a few people there. But we purchased our chocolate milk and sat down to enjoy. He was telling me about how he had worked there as a janitor many years ago. I was joking with him about people getting engaged at the cougareat and what that might look like when he pulled out a ring and set it on the table, got down on one knee and proposed! Just prior to asking me, he said something about it being really funny if two grown people who weren't BYU students anymore got engaged in the cougareat and I agreed. I was SO surprised. I cried like a baby. And to make it even more exciting, it was the antique ring I was in love with. He bought it a week after we saw it (of course he did).

Here is our first picture as an engaged couple (chocolate milk and all).

The ring is circa 1930 and I love love love it.

September 3rd can't come soon enough!