Monday, April 28, 2008

Roam if you want to . . .

Oh and I want to. I WANT TO!!! So yesterday I had a bad day- there was really no reason for it, it just happened. Which made it all the more awesome that today I had an amazing day- there was really no reason for that either. Went to work and it was just a normal day, but better than most for some reason. Went to the gym and worked out hard- that felt great. And then I decided since I only had 4 dollars I wanted cheap street tacos. Damien chose the place and it was the right place. I had my tacos el pastor (is that right?) and they were DELICIOUS. Sitting on the sidewalk in 70 degree weather, wearing a summer skirt made them taste even more delicious. Then we went to Hatches family chocolate and ate frozen dark chocolate covered bananas with caramel. They were just as good as they sound. As we sat on the side walk to partake not only did we see a cute little family on a stroll, but we also ran into some familiar faces and had a wonderful chat. Just then, Damien declared it to be the official first night of summer and we all cheered. It just felt right. Now here I sit, typing my blog, wearing my bikini (it's motivation for the coming months) so excited for what this summer will bring. The list is amazing- first, MUSIC: The Swell Season, Death Cab, Ani, Josh Ritter, Andrew Bird, Wilco (come on people it doesn't get much better than this) second, TRIPS: Vegas, camping, and most importantly Mexico third, FAMILY ROAM EVENING: Tonight was the first and was most definitely not the last. I love Summer. Love Love Love.

Oh and I stand by the fact that killing a vampire baby isn't cruel. It's still a blood sucking immortal, even if it's just a baby.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

The old adage does make some sense. I suppose it’s easy to take someone for granted when you see them everyday and you know that you will see them everyday. I have many years of dating under my belt and have been in many types of relationships. All of which I feel help you to learn and grow, which then helps you with the next relationship, whatever it may be. I’m not just talking romantic relationships either. In fact one of my very best friends lives half a world away- and I love and miss him. I still consider him a best friend- even though it’s been a year or so since we’ve seen each other. I also have friends I still keep in contact with that I haven’t seen for many years. On the other hand, there have been many friends that I have lost contact with over the years that just couldn’t make the cut because seeing them or not seeing them seemed to make a difference. I think it’s more about the connection you have than the actual proximity of your relationship. It’s a mystery that maybe one day I will solve through researching and social experiments, but as for now- it will remain a mystery.

As for romantic relationships and long distance (LDR) -that is a slightly different story. It’s hard. SUPER hard. There is something about having that daily or nearly daily contact that is really important in a relationship. I’m not talking about making out or anything (although that’s nice too), I mean actual physical closeness. Having dinner together, watching movies together, going for a walk, sitting together at church- all of these things are important in their own way. I think the hardest thing about an LDR is just the sadness you feel when you are apart. It’s real and it sucks. So you have to look forward to the phone calls or the text messages or the times you do get to meet up and spend quality time together and that makes it worth it.

After one LDR went awry a few years ago, I had vowed never to be in one again. I wouldn’t even date guys in Provo- it just seemed too far away and too much work. But I think it goes back to the friendship thing I spoke about earlier. Sometimes there is a connection that can make it through tough circumstances and sometimes there isn’t. So when you find that connection, it doesn’t matter if they live in Provo or Timbuktu, it’s worth it to try and make it work. Right?


I am in a singing group called Citrine and we performed over the weekend at an awards show in St. George. It was really fun! We are all girls and so it was a girls weekend to the max. There were about 12 of us (maybe more?) all in a condo- without husbands or kids or boyfriends. Just girls. What a great group I belong to. We sang and it was so much fun. The first time we performed a few months ago, we didn't get a chance to sound check and no one could really hear the choir. This time around they really knew what they were doing and we sounded amazing. There is something about singing with people that really know what they are doing. I love it! Here are some pictures of us being silly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

40 years

My parent's had their 40th wedding anniversary on march 24th. For their anniversary I decided to invite my dad's brother and his wife and my mom's sister and her husband out for a weekend to celebrate. None of them had spent much time in Utah and so it was an interesting time. It was wonderful. Also my special friend from out of town, Joey, came out to be my date. We went to the New Yorker for the anniversary dinner and went back to my house afterwards to eat cake and sing songs. We also went to the tabernacle on Sunday morning for Music and the spoken word. All in all it couldn't have gone better. It was a wonderful weekend. Here are some pictures.

I love my family.

Friday, April 4, 2008

4am, really?

So early this morning (4am) I was awakened by the ringing of my cell phone. Since I rarely receive phone calls at 4am, I thought maybe it was an emergency or something, so I answered it. I was pretty out of it, but a song began to play- I was really confused. I can't remember the song, I want to say it was Ace of Base or something as equally awesome, but I honestly can't remember. At the end of the song a computer voice said something like "You have been prank called from, haha". I may have gotten the message wrong, but you get it. So someone out there set up this ridiculous prank call, AT 4 AM!!!!! Just admit it, who did it? I must know- and please don't do it again or at least make it a memorable song the next time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The date is getting closer.

You may remember this (I hope you do). Here is just a little added something that would be nice. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10. Ben Gibbard was my boyfriend last year on my birthday so why not rekindle the romance this year, right?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You may say I'm a dreamer . . .

I am a dreamer. A big dreamer, I always have been. Not only do I have crazy dreams at night (seriously crazy sometimes) but I am also quite the day dreamer. I am constantly building up insane scenarios in my head about how my life is going to turn out. The thing I have discovered about being a dreamer is that dreamers tend to have massive disappointments in their lives. The reason for this, I believe, is because dreamers begin to believe their ridiculous day dreams and when they don't pan out? BAM! Disappointment. So I try to go the other way, super low expectations- that should work, right? Nah, even then, the little things that are bound to happen never end up the way that I truly believe they should. I think the dreamer in me has gotten very frightened over the past few years. Maybe it's being cautious or maybe it's the beginning signs of bitterness (wow I sure hope not), but I am far less likely to find myself staring off into the distance imagining the prince that will ride up on the white horse or what I will do with the massive amounts of money I am left from a rich great aunt I never knew or for being discovered on the street as the next big thing. It kinda makes me sad really. I have always loved the movies/books/stories where the main character ends up in another mystical amazing world that was created from their own imagination. The truth is- that world doesn't exist- even in the story. It's just made up and never as cool as imagined.

This week I was at a party in a mansion (seriously) and I was told there was a secret passageway in the library. For a second, I was so excited I couldn't hardly wait to see where this secret passage would lead. My mind raced and thought of all the amazing places it could or should go. When I discovered it just led to a crawl space full of camping gear, I cannot even begin to describe my disappointment. Being a dreamer equals mega let down, every time.