Sunday, October 28, 2007

Can't take my mind off of you

Sometimes I miss people and they don't even know it.

Will you mend my broken heart, it's beating out of time,
I think it needs a brand new start, a different state of mind,
Won't you take it, won't you take this heart of mine,
Cause I've been thinking and it's you that's on my mind,

If you feel it getting better, write me in a letter,
Tell me everything is going fine,
But if you feel it beating slower, hold it a little closer,
Try to make it last throughout the night,

I don't know why my heart slowed up, it must have been the lies,
I think it needs a brand new start, you and me combined,
We can fix it, we can fix this heart of mine,
Cause I've been dreaming, and it's you i see at night,

And if you feel it getting better, write me in a letter,
Tell me everything is going fine,
But if you feel it getting slower, hold it a little closer,
We can make it last throughout the night,
if you hold me tight, we'll be alright

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jekyll or Hyde?

So I have an alter ego or an alias or maybe another personality. Not actually, but literally. Here's what I mean. When I was little I would practice writing my name and I was always confused on how I spelled my middle name (I was also confused when drawing pictures of my dad while he was away at work, I could never remember if the mustache went on top of the nose or underneath- there are many drawings of my dad with a unibrow to prove it). My mother is a gem, hilarious and wonderful, she too struggled spelling my name. At the time I thought parents were all knowing- so I never questioned it. I proceeded to spell my name wrong for the first 21 years of my life. Angela CoRRine Robson (it's actually CoriNNe) This is how it is spelled on all my high school records, Ricks College Diploma and other such documents. Upon going on my mission the truth was discovered. I was spelling my middle name wrong. How is this possible? I saw my birth certificate and it was true. I was a sham, a fraud, all this time I thought I was one person, a person with a double R when I was really a person with a double N. You can imagine my shock and horror.

I thought that I fixed everything when I left for my mission, but lately the old Angela Corrine has been showing up in the craziest places. First, I was in getting my temple recommend renewed, I looked down at the recommend and there she was- the old Angela, rearing her ugly misspelled head. When I brought this to the attention of my Bishop he was quite concerned. He had to send a note to someone important to change it immediately. He was even afraid to put my middle name on the recommend in fear that I might be turned away. And then I received a bill from my Doctor. It appears that the other Angela had been seen and treated in mid July- I could have sworn it was me.

I have a feeling there is no escaping it. I have an AKA. If you ever see a picture of me with the words "Have you seen this person?" underneath, you will also see the phrase "She has also been known to go by other aliases such as Angela Corrine Robson".

Maybe I should start wearing crazy wigs and kicking people. . . maybe not. Halloween is coming up, so I fully intend on letting my other personality out. Angela Corrine for a night- I like it- I've heard she's crazy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My heroes

Someday I would like to say something very similar to this.

Kiss me . . .

I'm Irish (Italian)

A pencil sharpener never made me smile so big.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ah, just kidding. I found out today that I am not going to lose my job. I was filled with relief and sadness. Relief because I hate looking for new employment- sadness because I had big plans for my unemployment. I was going to take a month off, maybe go to Thailand, just veg and "find myself" or whatever. But alas, it's not meant to be. I'm ok with it though. I like my job. It's flexible and I love the people I work with- sometimes I like forced change though, I guess I am just going to have to force my own change in other areas of my life.

This week I am staying at a friends house while they are out of town. It's been nice. I love my roommates, but I am remembering what it was like to live on my own. I kinda miss it.

Tonight I went to my parents house to visit with them. My mom and I watched Dancing with the stars. She informed me that you are only allowed to vote on your phone 10 times (I was not aware there was voting involved) and that she voted for Marie Osmond 10 times on her cell phone, 10 times on her home phone and my dad voted on the Internet. My mom is all about supporting the Mormons. I am sure if I was there last night she would have voted ten times on my phone. She is so adorable (my mom, not Marie- although Marie isn't so bad). My mom also proceeded to show me all the country videos she "teboed" (Tvod). I HATE country music- she knows this, but still insists that I watch the newest country video. Gotta love Sonja.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Land of Enchantment

I went to Albuquerque over the weekend (I also learned how to spell ALBUQUERQUE). It was a really fun weekend. It wasn't really about going to New Mexico, it was about going to see my very dear friend Alyssa, although we did get some fun stuff in. This post is going to be full of pictures- sorry, deal with it.

First up. We went to the annual Balloon fiesta at 4:30 on Saturday morning. Prior to the big balloon extravaganza, we ate breakfast burritos and hot chocolate as we waited for the sun to rise.

They sent up a couple as "testers". It was really cool to see them light up when they let the flames go.

Sam is just cute and happy. His sweatshirt has bat wings on it, I wish you could see.

Mia was not happy to be up that early in the cold, but her pink doughnut kept her occupied for a bit.

Alyssa- New Mexican chow hound.

Me and Lys, you wouldn't think we only had a few hours sleep.

Now to the fiesta!!! There were lots of crazy shaped balloons. The little boys seemed to love the Darth Vader one. I took about a million pictures (which I never do), but they all ended up looking very much the same- just a bunch of balloons. So I spared you and only put up a few. If you want to see them all, I will show you.

Crack goes with everything. Especially balloons.

We watched 5 kids and conference for the next 2 days. They were wild and crazy and adorable. You'd think that being around all those wild little ones would make me not want kids for a while, but it did the opposite. It made me want them more than ever.

I didn't get to do a session at the ABQ temple, but I did want to go and see it. This was the temple where Alyssa and Jared were married and I missed it because I was on a mission- so it was nice to see it up close. Wish I could have gone inside.

I wanted some Authentic New Mexican food while I was there. Alyssa took me to Gardunio's Restaurant, there is one in Las Vegas too. It was really good. They made the guacemole right at your table. This picture makes it look totally sick, but it was delicious.

This is the aftermath. The waitress (slowest waitress in America), kept asking us if she could take any plates away, but we were eating off of every plate. It was awesome.

And then we had a bit of a girl's day. 5 hours without any kids. Somehow I was talked in to putting foil and dye into my hair. But it was fun.

Alyssa has big hair and she is proud- even with a mullet.

The things we do to be beautiful.
But it is so worth it, don't ya think?

Oh and check out the new Radiohead In Rainbows. I'm in love with Radiohead all over again.

Blogger is being funny and I can't spell check this entry. Please excuse any incorrect spellings.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Would you please?

I wish there was a better video than this. Thanks D for reminding me how much I love this song.

Now I am off to New Mexico for the weekend. Ahhhhh.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pushing Daisies

I love this show. I just happened to be home on a Wednesday night when the first episode of this show came on. It's great. I think I have a new Wednesday tradition.

If you want to check out the full episode, go to I love the imagery and the adorable story line (not to mention the adorable lead actor).

It has the same writer as the show Dead Like Me, which I also really liked.