Friday, November 30, 2007

If I were a lesbian and you were my lady . . .

I went and saw Tori Amos last night. I have loved her for years, but this is the first time I have seen her live. She was pretty amazing. I kept thinking about who her lighting person was, because whoever they are- they are good.

She is quite wacko on stage. I knew this already, but to witness it for yourself is totally different. She really likes to gyrate her hips on stage, you can really tell she loves her piano (It may be LOVE love, if you know what I mean).

One of the funnest things about last night was being able to people watch. If you know anything about Tori Amos, then think for just a minute about what different kinds of people would go and see her. So very entertaining. We had both old and young, both straight and very very gay, both male and female (although the estrogen in the room outweighed the testosterone) and so so so many drunk people dancing. The drunk dancing is always my favorite part. Not a care in the world- when there should be . . . there really should be.

During the concert I thought for a minute that if I liked girls, I would really like someone talented and unique like Tori. But then I remembered that my best friend is pretty much Tori Amos without the famous part (oh yeah and the grinding on her piano part) and I am not in love with my best friend, in a romantic sense (we even shared a bed for 9 months once) so I know I am not a lesbian. That and I really like boys. Good thing I went to the Tori Amos concert so that I could have that realization.

This realization led me to think about some other things. I really don't understand, if you like girls, why don't you like girls that look like girls? Just a thought. Oh, and I don't care if you are a lesbian or a truck driver, mullets must go. Seriously people, they are flattering on no one!

So, to recap. Tori was amazing, I'm not a lesbian and we should start a revolt to end mullets on all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Hey, I just want to better the world in any way that I can.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Angie the solo elf. I think I dance like this for real.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Emotionally unstable?

Possibly. Ok, so I just spent 2 hours watching TV on the internet, when I probably should have been sleeping and I cried during both shows. I'll spare you what shows they were (although I think I am supposed to be a doctor), but I will say that I felt ridiculous even through the tears.

That's not the most pathetic thing. There is a radio station that started playing Christmas music all day every day. It has been four years since I worked in retail, so I can finally start listening to Christmas music again without throwing up- or at least wanting to (except for WHAM! singing "last Christmas I gave you my heart", that still makes me incredibly nauseated). So today I am sitting in my office, when a country song comes on the radio- I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. But there I sat, listening to this country Christmas song and crying my eyes out. This is not normal. This should not be happening.

AND I sorta got misty eyed during one of the previews before a movie I watched the other day. The preview!!! What is happening? Am I getting soft in my old age? Am I just a big fat cry baby? Who knows.

I have added the video of the sappy country Christmas song that makes me cry. Enjoy! Hope you bawl your eyes out.

So freakin' cheesy. But I think I love it.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

August Rush = Suckfest

Ok, so maybe we should have read this before seeing the movie. IT WAS AWFUL. Seriously. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions and almost burst into tears due to the ridiculousness of it all. If it weren't for the good company and funny conversation, I may have poked my eyes out. Although, as we were leaving, we did see a girl who had been moved to tears by the movie- not in the way I had almost been moved to tears, but genuinely touched. Poor thing. What kind of life must she live?

The movie did spark up some interesting conversation afterward, as we sat in the coffee shop overly populated by Salt Lake's finest hipsters and bollywood actors (so very interesting). Time seemed to just fly by as we talked about the movies we loved so dearly that were the complete opposite of the crap we had just witnessed. Such as "Boondock Saints". We thought that having an Irishman in August Rush would have helped it's story, but decided without significant shootings in the head or the splattering of a cat against the wall, the movie was a total bust. Talking about the shootings in the head lead us to confessing our love for "The Departed" - cold pricklies induced by Robin Williams' horrible portrayal of an orphan tamer were replaced by warm fuzzies as we thought about Leo DiCaprio as a super hot bad ass. The conversation quickly moved to other things we loved, like the BBC's "The Office" and "Arrested Development", as well as "Flight of the Conchords". Our unifying hate for August Rush and subsequent love for good writing brought us closer together (the fact that we only had 2 chairs for 4 of us might have also contributed). So in conclusion, seeing "August Rush" may be a horrible idea, but it can lead to so many other wonderful things.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

If you want to view paradise . . . it might be at the Ogden Theater

Ok, so before you do anything, please read THIS. I wouldn't even attempt to compete with the professional writer- he said it so well. It was truly amazing. I have to say that I loved every second of the Swell Season. Even through the pain in my back and especially my feet, I never once wanted it to end. That was Tuesday night, Wednesday night we watched Feist, which was also good, but I found myself wishing I was still watching the Swell Season. "Let it die" was the last encore Feist played (yeah!) and it was beautiful, which made it all worth it. She also played "When I was a young girl" which is one of my very favorites. But I still enjoyed the Swell Season far more. I fell in love with Glen as soon as he started singing (as did every other girl in the room) and it was exciting to meet both him and Maketa. What a great show.

So Tuesday through Thursday of this week were really fun. We arrived in Denver and wandered the city- looking for our hotel, me wearing big tall boots and carrying a bag that was packed for a 2 week vacation rather than 2 days, He- chipper and wanting to speed walk. We made it to the hotel without too much complaining on my part. We laughed a lot, we walked a lot, we almost missed a concert due to a wrong turn, we rode in numerous taxis, talked to many a stranger, bought Cd's, bought a band t-shirt and had it signed by the artist (on the boob, I wasn't wearing it when he signed it), met someone named "Mama T" who also gave us a ride back to our hotel, I almost cried during the music, he took lots of pictures, we ate cheesecake, we ate pizza at midnight, we took funny plane pictures, made fun and was made fun of, we sang along, we tapped our feet, we watched a movie, we got free buttons and airborne, we took BFF pictures. I think we fit a lot into 48 hours.

Here is a video. Maybe Dainon should change professions. He's pretty good at this.

Shots from the concert. Glen doing his thing and stomping his feet. He's amazing.
Here we are with Marketa. She was so quiet and so sweet and so small.

And with Glen. Ah, beautiful blue eyed Glen.

Me at Feist. I am having fun, I promise.

Those are my walking shoes, SO glad I wore them.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I can't wait

I really hope she sings this song, because I love it so much. I'm such a lucky girl- The swell season and feist- what a great week.

Let it die and get out of my mind
We don't see eye to eye
Or hear ear to ear

Don't you wish that we could forget that kiss
And see this for what it is
That we're not in love

The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start

It was hard to tell just how I felt
To not recognize myself
I started to fade away

And after all it won't take long to fall in love
Now I know what I don't want
I learned that with you

The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start
The tragedy starts from the very first spark
Losing your mind for the sake of your heart
The saddest part of a broken heart
Isn't the ending so much as the start

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pho Friday

Before I do anything else, I just wanted to show the amazing moustache my friend Ryan is sporting these days. It was a Halloween Chuck Norris beard, but it has evolved into this handle bar masterpiece. He is a very cute boy, his eyes are kinda weird in this pic.

The first ever Pho Friday happened yesterday at Pho Hoa in West Valley. It was a huge success. Lots of people and lots of good conversation. I even got to get a drink that was made with my favorite (stinky) fruit from Thailand, durian. Ah delicious and stinky.

Here's the crew (minus Mike, he was taking the picture).

Then we played guitar hero. I kicked serious butt (I'm so modest), but Mike had the best rock star form.

Then we watched a movie where lots of people got shot in the head. What a glorious evening.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I've finally made it

I have been in the workforce as a licensed professional for almost 4 years now. I have always had some sort of workspace to call my own. The first was a cubicle- I even shared this cubicle with someone else. I was just happy to be a grown up. Then they moved us to another building and I got my own office. It was 5 x 5 with a window out to the hallway, but it was mine and I kinda loved it. After leaving that job I started working at my current place of employment. Because I am supposed to be out and about all day, I was once again sharing an office. A crappy office I might add. An office with a computer desk and no drawers. An office stuffed with things, with ugly lighting and stinky carpet. An office that I rarely went to because I hated it so much. Well, this week, my coworker had had enough. She sent an email to our head boss stating that she HATED our office. With that, our boss gave us both large windowed (to the outside world) offices. If only I had known a little complaint email would be so effective I would have done it ages ago. Now I am a real professional. I can bring clients in to my office with a real desk and a pleasant smell. So the window looks out to the Marie Callendars next door, big deal, at least it looks out right?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's hard to pee your pants

Have you ever tried it? I am not talking about peeing your pants on accident, I mean, full on, on purpose. Just decide you are going to pee your pants and do it. It's hard to do. It's been some years since I have even tried to pee my pants. I think the last time was freshman year in college. We knew some guys that had some silly "Rexburg crew" called the wolverines or something. Guys could get in by just being friends with them, but girls had to pee their pants (yeah this was in college, that's Ricks for ya). Anyway, we didn't actually want to be a part of this pack- but we did try to pee our pants and it is not as easy as it may sound- I can't remember if any of us actually succeeded, but there is a picture somewhere out there of Alyssa looking successful.

I had a whole conversation about it with a guy at the table next to me at Denny's last night. He said if I would just get drunk peeing my pants would be easy, that I would do it with out even knowing it- I might be itchy the next morning though (that's what he told me anyway). But I think that is a cop out. To not be drunk and to just openly and defiantly pee your pants takes some serious effort. Not that I want to or anything or that I am encouraging others to do so . . . I'm just saying.

*This blog post inspired by Evan's awesome "Baby Chuck Norris" costume.