Sunday, November 8, 2009

You talk, I listen

When I was younger my parents loved their talk radio. Anytime we were in the car they would listen to it and it would drive me crazy. I hated it. I hated it so much. I just wanted to be listening to the top 40 of the time or one of the many tapes I had acquired and listened to on repeat. Now that I think of it, I am sure my parents hated listening to everything I had on repeat as much as I hated their talk radio- nah, that couldn't be true. ANYWAY. I don't know if it's an adult thing or what, but guess what? I love talk radio. More specifically, 88.3 KCPW, NPR talk radio. If I am in the car, I am most likely listening to it. If I am at the gym (Big IF these days) I am listening to a podcast from it. I can't seem to get enough. Whether it's the news or it's one of the many programs they provide- I just love it.

I am also one of those people that loves This American Life. Yeah, Yeah, I know- me and the rest of the entire world, but I find it interesting and funny, sometimes sad and often captivating. And I think I have figured out why. I don't know about your group of friends, but my group of friends loves to share stories. Have you ever found yourself at a "party" or a dinner or something and at the end of the night everyone is just sitting around sharing stories about work, or their childhood or their hilarious southern mother? We do all the time. And I think it's great. You learn so much about other people and what makes them who they are. I think that is why I like This American Life. It's like sitting around in someone's living room listening to stories. It's great.

So I would like to apologize to my parents for my whining and complaining as a child. Because I am sure if I had listened, just once, without wishing that I was actually listening to Paula Abdul, I just might have learned something (not that Paula hasn't taught me anything).

So for you, my all time favorite episode of This American Life entitled Fiasco! I promise you'll laugh out loud.


Sarita said...

Love it. Also love listening to Wait Wait Dont Tell me on Saturday mornings. It's become a ritual.

Brenna said...

NPR in Alabama is broken... I thought since it was called N - as in National - PR it would be the same... but it's not.

insert swear word.

Love your Utah NPR. Love it... and don't leave it.