Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick Day

Stayed home from work due to a sickness. I pretty much looked at blogs all day. Why am I not more creative? Why can't I sew clothes, make bunting flags or pompon wreaths? Why do I not have fancy pictures to post or clever things to say? I spent a long day of comparing myself to others, which never makes you feel better. Especially when you weren't feeling well to begin with.

Besides, I think the internet LIES.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Getting Any Younger

So I am in my 30's. Like ACTUALLY in my 30's. I am going to be 33 this year, that seems so crazy. My friends and I were talking about our age and our skin and how we just don't look/feel as young as we used to. Then someone brought up skin care. I have to admit, I am not the best at taking care of my skin. I wash it with Dove soap most nights and that is about it. So I decided to make a change, to actually put forth an effort, which cost me a little more than my normal skin care regimen (when I say a little I mean A LOT). I bought a Mia. I had never heard of one, nor seen one, but apparently people swear by it. Tonight was the first time I used it and can I already say that I think I love it? My skin has never felt so clean.
I guess it better, since I could have bought 140 bars of Dove soap for the price of the Mia. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sharing the Light

I have a new camera and new pictures, but when I tried to put the memory card in the side compartment of my computer it was too small and became lost and I had to dig it out with some tweezers. SO I will have to wait to upload those pictures. They are of my sweet friend Alyssa and her family at her sons baptism and some of me and Nathaniel in Boise, except I forgot to really take pictures of anything Boise like so it's really just me and Nathaniel in coffee shops and restaurants, but IN Boise. Ok, so maybe I won't upload them until I have something exciting.

Tonight Nathaniel and I went to target to buy Settlers of Catan. I have never played, so we thought it would be fun to buy and play. As we were at the check out, the nerdy high school checker said "Oh no, you can't be serious, this looks just like Settlers of Zarahemla," Nathaniel quickly assured him it definitely was not and that surely the Settlers of Catan was made first. I don't think the boy believed him, he was sure we were purchasing a knock off of his favorite Book of Mormon based board game. Adorable kid, I humored him and then he told me all about taking the ACTs the night before. Nathaniel asked me what I might diagnose him as and I said "nerdy Mormon kid." I feel I can use that diagnosis since I too was a nerdy Mormon kid in high school. Takes one to know one I guess (my vice was nerdy Mormon teenage novels and EFY soundtracks, not boardgames, but definitely the same affliction) and I turned out alright.

I still haven't played the Settlers of Catan and now I kinda wish it was the Zarahemla version. Or maybe something more racy like Setters of Babylon.