Sunday, July 29, 2007

crappy rhymes with happy

So this week has provided me with a lot of CRAPPY and a lot of HAPPY.

I was backing out of my garage and I totally crunched my side mirror on the wall. A few days later I noticed that my windshield was cracked.

Ok, so neither one of these pictures are of my car. The side mirror looked really bad at first, but the outside of the mirror was all that was damaged and I just needed to snap it back in to place. The crack on my windshield is so small you can't even see it. But it still made me mad.

I went to Chili's and had their chips and salsa, diet coke with so many limes I couldn't believe it and the molten river of chocolate goodness for dessert.

The picture was awesome, but somehow was deleted.

Can you see how many limes are in my glass? Ask for Jeff if you go to Chili's, he's the best. He is off on Mondays and Tuesdays. Those of you that hate Chili's- poo on you.

I have a tendency to go running and put my Ipod in my sports bra. I don't have one of those fancy shmancy arm bands. Sometimes it gets a little sweaty in my sports bra and I think it may have caused an Ipod malfunction. It wouldn't scroll anymore, so I could only listen to it at one volume and on shuffle. I was pretty down about it.(Yes, the song playing is "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi. I love that song.)

I was whining to a friend about the Ipod malfunction and he hooked me up with a free RED Ipod nano. Oh, and then my roommate fixed the one that had malfunctioned due to boob sweat, so I may actually tell the friend that I don't need the nano anymore. That would be the right thing to do, right?

I really wanted magnets from Walmart and couldn't find the ones I was looking for and so I spent 88cents on these crappy number magnets.

I ended up throwing them away.

The reason I was looking for magnets was because I bought this super cool magnet board at IKEA (I love Chili's and IKEA, big deal) that I put over my desk. I found some magnets that will do.

You gotta have the crappy to appreciate the happy.

Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about me

I saw this on my friend Alyssa's blog and I liked it. It's 100 random facts about me that you didn't know. I know that it seems a little "myspace survey"-esque, but I am the one listing all the facts so they aren't stupid answers to questions like "who do you sit next to in math class?" (the answer was Ian Shafer, but that's not important). So here goes. See if there is anything that surprises you or maybe I am just a big bore.

1.I really want to like cottage cheese, but I don't. I think it tastes disgusting. I buy it frequently and end up throwing it away.
2.Loaf of french bread and a tub o' butter is my favorite snack.
3.My first boyfriend was named Mike Rautenberg, he dumped me for my friend Marta.(7th grade)
4.I still dance and sing in front of the mirror on regular occasions.
5.Sometimes I talk to myself when I am driving (I don't answer back).
6.I have a birth mark on my inner left calf.
7.I tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club twice- when I was 9 and 11.
8.My favorite color is red and has been since I was 2.
9.I attended Ricks college when it was Ricks college and get annoyed when people say I went to BYU-Idaho.
10.I almost moved to England twice and I backed out both times.
11.I have been engaged once, but talked about marriage with 3 different guys.
12.My first kiss was Billy Bay- he later became my dad's first counselor in the bishopric.
13.I was french kissed against my will by a skin head once.
14.I have never punched anyone in the face, but I have always wanted to.
15.I only like black furniture.
16.I hate Rod Stewart and always have. It's more out of principle now than it is music preference.
17.I used to perm my hair.
18.I can cross my eyes amazingly well.
19.I have the longest, pointiest tongue of anyone I know.
20.My elbows are grossly double jointed.
21.I have kissed three boys in the same day.(long time ago)
22.I have had two dates in the same day.
23.I have an associates degree in music.
24.The first play I was ever in, I played a prostitute.
25.I have been in 8 plays and one opera.
26.I love love love to dance, but hardly ever do it.
27.I love to rap.
28.I hate country music.
29.I went to the New Kids On the Block concert in 7th grade.
30.My first concert was Neil Diamond. I was eight.
31.I only had one journal for the first 21 years of my life.
32.My number one dream job would to be in a play on Broadway.
33.I was vice president my senior year of high school. . .
34.AND was voted most outgoing of my senior class.
35.One fourth of July I was chased by the cops, but narrowly escaped.
36.The bullies at school used to call me "freckle face" and it really hurt my feelings.
37.I used to steal, but only things like traffic cones, bowling shoes, Fast food window decals, Denny's Carafe. I gave most of it back right before my mission.
38.I used to think I was a "skater chick" but I have never been able to skateboard.
39.I didn't wear makeup until I went to college.
40.I dated a boy in high school that made my mom cry to think about. She layed down on top of me until I promised to stop dating him.
41.I have a list of 5o things to do before I die. I've done about 15.
42.I really like volunteering places.
43.I went through the temple for the first time at the Mr. Timpanogas temple.
44.If I ever get married I would like to get married in the Bountiful Temple.
45.When I am stressed out I clean or watch a movie.
46.I will go and see just about anything (movie wise).
47.My favorite concert I have ever been to is the Violent Femmes.
48.I love playing in the rain.
49.I love swimming naked.
50.I love chili's chips and salsa.
51.My mom knows more about me than almost anyone else.
52.Sometimes I say the F word to be funny.
53.I think I am too nice sometimes and have a hard time telling someone when I am not interested.
54.I hate first dates.
55.I love first kisses.
56.I think when I was on my mission I was the best form of myself.
57.I used to want 4 kids, but the older I get, that number keeps going down.
58.I am so so so anal about money. I keep every receipt and balance my check book incessantly.
59.I have trust issues.
60.When I like a song, I can listen to it on repeat for days.
61.My first car was a cutlass sierra Oldsmobile named Pepe.
62.I want to go to every continent, except Antarctica. I don't like the cold.
63.I love butterflies.
64.My favorite flowers are Gerbera Daisies.
65.I love to get flowers when I don't expect it.
66.I love sending people flowers.
67.Sometimes, beef jerky tastes so good.
68.The idea of being a vegetarian appeals to me.
69.I have about 7 "best friends" but they are all truly my best friends.
70.I LOVE the loch ness monster. I have been obsessed since I was a little girl.
71.During most of my childhood I collected everything Wizard of Oz.
72.My mom is an identical twin and I secretly think that I will have twins someday.
73.Sometimes the sacrament bread is the best thing I have ever tasted.
74.If I could have any car in the world it would be a 1960's Volkswagen Beetle totally restored. RED.
75.One of my favorite memories was going to Disney World, sophomore year of high school with Alissa. It was one of the best days ever.
76.Sometimes I crave a McDonald's Big Mac.
77.I used to really want braces and glasses and was disappointed when I didn't have either.
78.I really love to laugh so hard it hurts and cry so hard it hurts.
79.I hate the word moist.
80.I used to have a fake boyfriend named Gavin.
81.Some nicknames I have had in the past: pornstar, angina(current),Angie the condom head Robson, freckles, pumpkin cheeks and sissy.
82.I used to dance and sing in my basement with friends to the entire Billy Joel Piano man album. (there is video proof)
83.There is a video somewhere out there of my roommates and me singing to "bye bye Miss American Pie" very scantly clad. It went missing shortly after it was recorded.
84.I have lived in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Florida, Idaho, Utah and Thailand.
85.I also really wish I could break dance.
86.I am classically trained and used to be able to sing opera.
87.My first dogs name was Toto and my parents put her to sleep when I was away at camp.
88.I have been dumped more times in the past year than in my entire life.
89.I love the smell of coffee and carpet.
90.I love to organize my purse, closet, drawers, whatever.
91.I got a tattoo once on a whim. No cool story behind it.
92.I hate running.
93.I did voice over work on a video game that never got released.
94.My favorite childhood book was "hooper humperdink, not him!" I can't find a copy now and wish I could.
95.I love getting mail.
96.I love giving Christmas presents more than I love getting them.
97.I like to watch infomercials.
98.I like to put potato chips on my sandwiches.
99.I love checking out library books and I always check out more than I can read.
100.I wanted this last one to be something really good and important. But it isn't.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm excited!!!

Who's with me?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eating disorder

Two days ago my mom set me up on a lesbian date. It was sorta weird. My mom invited me to dinner at my parents house and she invited her hair dresser. She said that she thought we would be "fast friends". I was really nervous, I have never had a girl blind date before. I didn't know what to wear or say. Well, I was stood up. Can you believe it? It's bad enough if a guy stands you up, but a girl? I was actually pretty relieved, but still felt somewhat rejected.

I ate dinner at my parents house and afterward I started to feel a little sick. I went to bed at about 11 (at my parents house, I was too queasy to drive home), at about 2 am I woke up and knew something was not right. I ran to the bathroom and began to puke my guts out. This is pretty disturbing seeing that I have thrown up about 10 times in 2007. I am not sure what is up with me. Anyway, as I am sitting on the bathroom floor throwing up, my mom comes in to help and comfort me. Earlier in the day, before I had been sick, my mom had commented that she thought I looked too skinny- so as I am heaving and sweating and kinda crying my mom asks, "Angie honey, are you anorexic?" Seriously? My mom was confused between anorexia and bulimia, but I knew what she meant. In between heaves I managed to choke out- "yes mom, I am choosing to puke my guts out right now." We talked about it the next day and she realized that it was kinda ridiculous to think I would throw up every three hours all night in an attempt to lose weight.

I think I actually have bulimia amnesia. I binge and binge and binge and then totally forget to purge.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nerds are people too

It's been a great couple of days. First, twilight concert series with friends- really fun. This guy: (if you can see him, he's in between the bars doing the air guitar. Again, I need to start bringing my camera to these functions) was one of the highlights of my night, along with dancing the night away with friends to Yo La Tengo.

Last night I bowled a 124 (not my best) but in doing so I won a bet that will lead to a friend doing an interpretive dance to a song of my choosing. He has yet to pay up, and I am still thinking of possible songs, but it will be amazing. However I may not make him pay up at all, I did drag him to the midnight release party of the Harry Potter book, he is not a fan and was an incredibly good sport. It was quite hilarious, all the people dressed up and very serious about getting their hands on a copy of the book. I now have a copy in my grubby little hands. My inner nerd was definitely out last night as I discussed my opinions regarding Harry Potter's fate with those in the line around me. There were some intense feelings by everyone in the conversation. I spoke with one older lady that was so adorable. She said that she hadn't read a book in over 15 years before she picked up a Harry Potter book and that it "brought the magic back" for her. Way to go Harry, bringing the magic back in more ways than one.

I have been reading a little of the book here and there. So far so good. I may need therapy when this is all over.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rainbows make me gay

One of my favorite things in this world happens to be rainbows. They make me so happy. I know it seems silly, but it's true. I could be having the crappiest day and if I see a rainbow in the sky, I just feel happy. It makes me feel great for the rest of the day. That was what happened yesterday, I wasn't having a particular awful day or anything, but I was a little glum and driving on the freeway in traffic, then I saw this:
(I really need to start carrying my nice camera around)

I smiled all the way down to Provo. I even started singing to myself like a crazy person. When I was a little girl I loved the Muppet's and one of my favorite songs was "The rainbow connection". That was one of the songs I started to belt out. I couldn't remember all the words, but it gave me the same feeling I had when I would hear Kermit sing it as a little girl. It used to make me cry every time (I know, pathetic, I was a sensitive soul). Listen to it, rainbows make lots of people happy, even Blondie.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday Stroll

I went on a little walk around Salt Lake City with an old friend I hadn't seen in a while and he took me to this building that was covered with graffiti. It's right across the street from Ichiban Sushi. I had never noticed it before, but it was a project done with 144 artists that were able to use their talents on an old condemned building- inside and out. I only saw the outside, but it was really cool. Maybe everyone else knew about this- it was called 337 Project. The exact address is 337 S. 400 East. I guess it all went down in May, I'm sad I missed it, but it is still cool to walk around. Here are some pathetic shots with my camera phone.

I really like the cow one. I think that the north side of the building is the best. I didn't get any pictures of that. If you want to see really good pictures and not my crappy ones go to the link above, or just stop by the building.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I took a nap this afternoon after I got home from work and that is the worst thing an insomniac can do. It leads to no sleep and blog #2 for the night. I wrote earlier in the week about the crash I had on my bike. The bruises are truly awful now. I look like I am diseased ridden or something. I was supposed to get in a swim suit today and I just couldn't subject people to my crack whore bruises. But I will subject you to one:

Gross, eh? If you are wondering where that is, it is on my upper thigh and it hurt really bad. Oh and I just have a very blurry upper thigh, it isn't my poor camera skills that made that picture unrecognizable.

So the contract arrived in the mail today for the job in London. I signed it and put it in the return envelope. Now it is just sitting on my desk. It's like I am waiting for a sign or something. All I know is that some days I feel really good about it and want to go and other days it is more of an ominous feeling. I have actually been praying about it now and I still don't know one way or the other. I wish Heavenly Father liked to answer my prayers in email form with- "My dearest Angie, go to London. Love, HF" but he doesn't. I know I have to work it out in my mind first and make a decision, but that is that part I struggle with. Honestly, I feel like I should stay here, but I know I will always wonder what would have happened had I gone. I am still sending in all the paperwork so that if I change my mind last minute I can still go. Pathetic. Options. I fill my life with so many options (jobs, boys, activities)no wonder I am confused all the time.

I kinda want to French Kiss Harry Potter

There are few things in my life that I am a total nerd about, Harry Potter is one of those things. I thought the whole idea of Harry Potter was ridiculous . . . at first. I had no desire to read the books and I refused to do so. Well, a friend convinced me to just read the first book and within two weeks I had the first four read. Then the movies began, it's become a sort of addiction, I was going to midnight showings, reading the books the day they came out and going to websites philosophising about what would come next. I need a support group or something. I have the 7th book on reserve and I may pick that up at midnight the night before it's released. I finally saw the 5th movie tonight- I am being strong, I waited a whole 24 hours after it opened to see it. That shows incredible control on my part, don't ya think?

I really liked it. I thought it was one of the better movies. They are all looking very old- Harry does not look like the little boy he once was (hence the title of this blog).

I will be glad when I can read the 7th book and finally be done with all this silliness.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kids. . .

One reason I want to have them - check this out

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Everything Dies

If you have read some of my earlier posts you may have read that I was given three pepper plants and two tomato plants. I was very excited about this and I followed the instructions I was given on how to take care of them properly as best I could. I may even make my own compost with worms and stuff, so that I can give the plants more of the healthy stuff they need (emphasis on may). I have had them over a week now and the pepper plants seem to be doing alright, the tomato plants I am not to sure about. You see, I have never had a plant that I didn't kill, except for the bamboo plant in my bathroom- but those are REALLY hard to kill. I am just expecting these plants to die. I have a black thumb, there is nothing green about it- I was hoping to change that, but I am still quite skeptical.

I went biking today and totally fell off. I was bleeding and now I am bruised. I tried to take pictures of my injury, but they don't look nearly as bad as I wanted them to look- because they aren't that bad. Oh well, it was really fun- the biking, not so much the falling.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July, Woopidie doo

I am not the biggest fan of fireworks. I never have been. In fact, I think I was one of those wailing children that cried through the entire fireworks display and everyone hated through their "oohs" and "ahhs". I think they are pointless. It's overly crowded and loud and parking sucks. There is always some jack ass yelling "fire in the hole!" or someone discussing the colors and why there aren't "black fireworks" (seriously I heard someone say this once).

So, I purposely did not attend fireworks this year. I just went home. I didn't know it, but apparently my home is the perfect place to watch fireworks. We had about ten people camped out on our lawn and you can see them perfectly. So I got all the "reward", in a sense, with none of the work. Nice.

I still think they are stupid.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Almost everyone can safely read my blog

Online Dating

For those of you who thought otherwise, bite me.