Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pacific North West Day 6

On our last full day, we decided to go to Seattle, since we were flying out from there the next day. We drove to see Nolan's cousin and spent some time with her and her little boy and lots of animals and then took the ferry to Seattle. I had never done this before. It was really fun and a little cold, but totally worth it.

We then ate at the Crab Pot right on the pier. So good. They steam everything you want together and dump it on the table right in front of you. You have a crab fork, a wooden board, a mallet and a bib.

When we started . . .
Nolan dared me to eat a shrimp eyeball and with much protest and whining I finally did. I don't know what took me so long, I lived in Thailand for goodness sake.
When we finished . . .
We were stuffed, but it was so good. Then we just headed back to the hotel, sat in the hot tub for a minute and slept to get up early for our flight. The trip was super fun and quite a success. These are all the pictures I have. Sarah took some and I will post them when I get them.

I love Portland. So so much. (and Sarah)

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