Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 4th

If you have read my blog for some time you will already know that the 4th of July isn't really my favorite holiday. It's probably not even in my top 5. It's not that I don't love my country or that I am not happy we have independence or anything. It's just the hassle of it all.

So this year I celebrated a little differently. A group of us went to Yellowstone and stayed in a cabin for a couple of nights. There were no fire works, just steaming holes in the ground and animals, as well as playing cards, watching silly movies (The Little Mermaid and A Pirate movie), not showering, but jumping in a VERY cold lake and roasting marshmallows for breakfast. Oh yeah, and really good company as well. I LOVED it. Here are some pictures to document the fun.

The view from the cabin and the lake we swam in:

The hilarious warning and then the risky picture (I could have been gored . . .) from the safety of the car:

The steaming holes and beautiful water:

The people I went with:

Why there are no pictures of Jeff, Aliah and Shereka I do not know. I only used my camera phone- so this is what I have. This next picture freaked me out. Jeff the Dentist was not afraid, but my hands were sweating when I took this.

What a good way to celebrate independence.


Sarita said...

Fer fun. Jeff is freaking me out.

Jamie said...

Can you please tell me why you ARE my twin? I love "The Pirate Movie." I tried to make Adam watch it with me recently and I think he rolled his eyes and then fell asleep. Booo.

Anonymous said...

angie you are a great girl...and be like this always..
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