Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I always say that I won't do resolutions, but I always end up with some anyway. I decided that I wanted them to be far more realistic this year, so I came up with a few . . . but hey, no big deal, right?

1. Be more punctual. I guess it should say BE punctual, but I am trying to be NBD about it. I just want to be on time. I have had a tendency to be 5-15 minutes late pretty much my whole life. This year I am actually making a conscious goal to change that.

2. Read more books. This is always on my list and I think I do better every year. I just REALLY want to read more books. There are so many out there and all.

3. No more soda. I stopped drinking caffeine and most soda for 2 years. And then I planned a wedding. That went down the tubes. I was practically injecting it in my veins the days before the wedding and it's been downhill from there- so I am back on the wagon. But this time ALL of it. I will indulge in the occasional shirley temple on special occassions (they are special to me).

4. Be ready to run the SLC Half Marathon in April. I signed up, I paid the money and the starting line is practically in front of my house. I started running again this week (this time with a dog in tow) and I have been struggling! But I will get there. I have too.

5. Be Healthy. Look, I realize this is a very broad, not very measurable goal, but I want to all around be more healthy. This means, be more consistent with taking my vitamins, eat smaller portions, Less to no fast food, no soda (see?), exercise. Etc.

6. Learn to sew and play the piano (to an extent- meaning more than I can now, which is I can't at all now, so whatever I do learn would be a vast improvement than my current knowledge of the two subjects- get it?) Hey, I have two hands, two feet, a piano AND a sewing machine, what more do you need?

And I think that pretty much wraps it up. All pretty selfish. None of them are very churchy (my resolutions normally are) but I feel pretty good about them.


I was called to be a sunbeam teacher and I want to be really good at it and not screw up the little 3 and 4 year olds. So far our lessons have gone from "I am a Child of God" to "Spiderman shoots webs out of his hands" and "When does my mom come get me?" I hope it gets better.