Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving fort!

So the tradition continues!!!! This is the first fort as a married couple and in our home. For those of you that don't know, I like to build a fort on Thanksgiving eve and sleep in it. So we did. And it was fun!

Thanksgiving was good. Lots of food. LOTS of food.

We went and saw two movies. The Muppets which was amazing!!!!!! I loved it. I felt totally nostalgic and it just made me miss being a kid. Then we saw Breaking Dawn and it was just as awful as I expected it to be. At one point I felt like I was watching one of those movies where the animals talk- it was that stupid. They did a great job of making Bella look terrible though. We saw a double feature and thank goodness we saw The Muppets first because I think Nathaniel would have not wanted to see anything else after the mess which was Breaking Dawn. It's been fun to make jokes about it though, so at least there is that.

Yesterday we bought all the Christmas lights for our house and tree. We are going to get our tree tomorrow. I am so excited to decorate!! I love the holidays. I am going to a craft night tonight to create some Christmas magic of my own, so I will post my creations later this week (as long as they aren't too ugly). HOORAY!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sugar Cookies!!!

I am addicted to pinterest. I like to find new recipes and try them out. One of my favorite things about the holidays are sugar cookies. So I found THIS recipe on pinterest and I tried them out! They are soooooooooooo good. I will be making them again, maybe with a little color next time (we didn't have any food coloring!).

I have been sick all week. Coughing, sneezing, can't breathe. I am so over it. I hate being sick. But my cute boy took care of me. Man, I love that guy.

OH! And we bought couches!! They'll be delivered this week. Just in time for Friendsgiving, it's at our house this year.


Monday, November 7, 2011

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I just finished this lovely book. I have been wanting to read it for months, I put it in my library queue and then couldn't pick it up in time or hadn't finished another book I was reading so I had to put it in my queue again. The woman that I sat next to on the plane to Seattle was reading it AND there was this preview at the broadway . . .

. . . so I knew I had to read the book. It was a little slow at first, but I feel like she developed the characters well. I was really invested in them and loved them. This book really got good about half way through. I couldn't put it down. I cried my eyes out. I was so touched by a story of love and respect and self worth. It was beautiful.

I am super bummed though, the Broadway stopped playing the movie a week ago (lame) and I can't seem to get it on netflix yet.

Read it. It's totally worth it.

Friday, November 4, 2011


So I looked at my hotmail account for the first time in probably 6 months and looked at an email from my site reader. It turns out no one reads my blog.

Like literally no one.

It's ok though. That means I can write whatever I want. (fart, balls, wiener, bum, boobs)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We didn't dress up this year. Which was kinda disappointing since last year our costume was AWESOME. But Nathaniel doesn't love dressing up (but he so good at it!) so I guess we'll just have to be something super awesome next year (and we will, I am already brainstorming). So this year we stayed home and passed out candy. Can I say that I loved it?? This is the first time in my adult life that I have lived somewhere that kids actually come and trick or treat. The best thing is that most kids wanted to tell you all about their costumes. It was really fun.

We also played the game clue with Amy and Jon and watched a super scary The House of the Devil. I was really proud of Nathaniel, he watched the whole movie, even though he watched half of the movie from the hallway- he still watched it! We also ate pizza hut pizza, did you know that any pizza is ten bucks?? I haven't had pizza hut pizza in years. I must admit it was crazy greasy good.

So all in all- a very good Halloween. How was yours?