Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Quest Continues

On Friday I went to Market Street Grill with my coworkers (that's right, I said COWORKERS. I have a job!!!!! Talk more about that later) and I knew I needed to try their Shirley Temple.

Here's how it rated.

1. Presentation- about the same as CPK. Pretty, boring glass, but fine. 3.

2. Only one cherry. 1

3. The waiter was great about this. He was really excited about getting me a Shirley Temple and he brought me three, yes three! 4

4. I didn't pay for this lunch so it was free! I don't know how much it would have been if I was paying. 4

5. It actually tasted great. Wasn't too sweet, it was really good. 4

With a total score of 16/25

I got this one at Z Tejas at the Gateway.

1. Well when I saw the cherries I was super excited. But it's still in a boring glass. I liked that the four cherries weren't just dumped in the glass, but the waitress didn't bring me a second one even though she said she was getting me one and then she said she was getting me one to go and never did! BOO. 1

2. Four cherries, four points. 4

3. The waitress bugged me! She talked way too much. Didn't come back when we needed her and when she did come back, she wouldn't leave. Oh and she did not deliver on her promises about the Shirley Temples. 2

4. $2.50. 2

5. It wasn't strong enough. It tasted like soda water. Even though I sounded mad about her not bringing me another one, I was kinda glad because it wasn't good. 1

Z Tejas Shirley Temple Score 10/25

So far, Market Street is the front runner.

People have asked why I am doing this. I was thinking about this today in Relief Society. We had a lesson about taking care of our bodies and not doing things that defile it. There was a whole discussion about the internet and trying to portray ourselves a certain way on the internet when we really aren't that way. I thought about my blog and didn't feel guilty. I feel like I portray myself exactly as I am.

As far as the Shirley Temples, this is me. I love Shirley Temples. Maybe it's a vice, all that sugar and artificial color, but it's an honest vice. And I want to find the best one. I'm obsessed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Quest

I have decided to find the best Shirley Temple in Salt Lake City. Or maybe in Utah. Or maybe in the WORLD . . . mwahhhaahhhaaaaa! So, I am documenting my search. I am judging the Shirley Temple with 5 main criteria. One- presentation, this will include glass, color, how quickly the waiter brings me another, etc. Two- how many cherries they put in the glass without me asking for them. Three- the waiter's reaction when I order said Shirley Temple. Four- price. Fifth and finally- TASTE!

So I need a deadline, because lets be honest, this could go on forever. I am going to test out 20 different Shirley Temples and then choose the best one!

The first one was tonight. I went to the 9th and 9th street fair and then to the Gateway to window shop. We stopped at CPK and had a pizza and decided that it's now or never and ordered a Shirley Temple.

Here's how it rated.

ONE-As you can see, it was just in a simple glass, but a pretty red color and the waiter brought me another one when my first one was getting low, without me even asking. I give presentation a 3 out of 5.

TWO-Each Shirley Temple had one cherry in it. I like more than that, but some places don't give you any. So CPK gets a 1 out of 5 for number of cherries.

THREE- When I ordered the Shirley Temple the waiter didn't even flinch. He acted like I was ordering something super normal and everyday. I give them a 4 out of five.

FOUR- $2.49. Kinda pricey. I give them a 2 out of 5.

and FIVE- I said that it was "pretty good tasting, but sweet- too sweet." so I give it a 2 out of 5.

For a total of 12/25. This is just the first of many, but I hope I can find a better one somewhere.

Then we went and saw District 9 which was AMAZING. I loved it, seriously. It was totally intense.

Let me know if you know of places that have good Shirley Temples, I will find the best one, if it kills me . . . death by maraschino cherries!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I didn't mean to miss your birthday baby . . .

I was born in New Jersey. Did you know that about me? Well, it's true. In fact I spent the first 4 years of my life in New Jersey and I cried and cried when we moved to Wisconsin because I didn't want to leave my red house. I don't remember much, I hardly remember the red house, but I do believe some of New Jersey has stayed with me throughout my life. The biggest part being my love for Bon Jovi. There is really no other explanation. I love Bon Jovi because I was born in New Jersey, I just know it. This week I busted out the old Ipod that I haven't listened to in ages and played it on shuffle. As I was driving home tonight, to my surprise and great pleasure, Bon Jovi's I'll be there for you came on and I sang my little New Jersey born heart out. Hearing this song brought back so many memories- sitting in the back of the bus in third grade looking at Jon Bon Jovi's poster and thinking he was the cutest thing ever in his tight spandex pants, crazy hair and bandanna. Jump then to middle school when Ginger and I made a bet that it was Bon Jovi that sang I'll be there for you and Skid Row that sang I'll Remember You, I won that bet, but I don't remember all the logistics. Then in High School when I was embarrassed to admit one of my favorite songs was Blaze of Glory- embarrassed no more, I freaking love that song. In more recent years when Jon Bon Jovi was on Sex in the City and I, once again, thought he was so cute (thank goodness he was minus the spandex and bandanna- still has somewhat crazy hair though). And then to tonight where the flame was rekindled.

I blame it on my birth place.