Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Sorry. I didn't update on Mother's day or my birthday or going back to work. So here it is.

I got everything I wanted for Mother's day/my birthday. Maybe it was because I publicly posted it for all to see or maybe it's because my family loves me. I would like to think it is more the latter and it probably is.

I love my Salt water sandals, I have a massage on my way and I  ate all of the hazelnut ben and jerry's in a 24 hour period. Nathaniel sure is sweet. He also took me to the melting pot on my birthday which was delicious and fun. My mother in law bought me the necklace and I love it. The N is for Nathaniel (in case you were wondering).

Sebastian and I went to Seattle in the beginning of June. It was such a nice trip and Sebastian was an Angel baby the whole time. He flew so well and he even did well walking around Seattle for 6 hours one day. Unfortunately his sleep got all screwed up and we have struggled for the last month trying to get it back on track. He loved seeing Nanny and granddad though.

Sebastian has had to more months added to him since my last post and here are his update pictures.

 He started rolling over back to front and he gets mad that he can't crawl or roll back over. It's pretty adorable. He has been going to grandpa and grandma's two days a week since I went back to work and has so much fun. My parent;s house looks like a toy store. They have bought him so much to play with!!

Work is good. I enjoy it. Since I am only there two days a week I stay pretty busy. I have to go to a training in Montana later this month and I am bringing my mom and Sebastian!! We will see how that goes.

My dear friend Sarah and her husband Joel and son Kai were in town this past weekend. Her and I were able to have a girls night on Friday night and see a movie. The Fault in Our Stars. I had read the book and really liked it and the movie was just as good. We both cried our eyes out and ate so much popcorn and soda. It was kind of awesome. Nathaniel got to stay with the little guy. Sarah took some family pictures of us at a BBQ we had sunday afternoon. I am so excited to see how they turned out! I have no pictures of the three of us.

Sorry this is so jumbled. I will try to write a more entertaining post in the near future. I love being a mom so much. My life is crazy busy, but it's good. I know it will only keep getting more exciting.