Monday, September 3, 2007

Bring out your dead

So we had a kick ass party on Saturday night in celebration of some birthdays on September 1 (namely Aliah, Jake, Ryan and Jed). There was definitely a great turn out. It was a theme party. Since at 29, 30 and 31 you are "nearly dead" everyone was required to dress up dead. Zombie, Vampire, Ghost- what have you. The dancing was fun- met lots of new people. Here are the memories saved forever in picture form.

And then of course the after party. There always seems to be one of those and I just couldn't stop dancing.

It was a good time. We hope to have another themed dance party again soon, maybe disco this time? Or robots? We shall see.


ThomCarter said...

You Utah Mormons always seem to be having such a good time.

If I come out for GC, you shouold have a Mobster party . . . Since I am a Jersey Mobster!

Sarita said...

A roaring dead time. Loved it.

Dainon said...

Abe Lincoln is my favorite.

Dainon said...

Scratch that. It's the last photo, the one of you actually looking dead without so much as trying to do so. That's some awesome irony or something.