Monday, September 24, 2007


I have this thing for guys that ride skateboards. I think it might be some sort of disorder. I have liked these boys for as long as I can remember. In 3rd grade I was in love with Ryan Comstock who had the total skater hair cut and would do ollies on his skateboard on the playground- it continued from there and I don't think it ever really ended.

It's a little harder now. I hear a skateboard coming down the road and it's instinctual for me to look (while my heart is racing just a bit), inevitably it's a 12 year old with his pants practically falling off. Most skater boys have grown out of it by the age of 30, some have not, but those are normally the ones with no ambition and no job. I am glad to say that I have matured- ambition and job now trump being able to ride a skate board.

Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Dew Tours at the Energy Solutions Arena (it will always be the Delta Center to me). I received free tickets from big brothers big sisters to take my little sister. This is great for her since she suffers from the same affliction I do, a longing for skater boys and anything connected to them. The cool thing about this event was that BBBS is involved with a non profit organization called Create a Skate that has kids build skateboards in the schools. Because of this, Whitney and I were able to build a skateboard, decorate it, paint it, put wheels and trucks on the deck and Whitney got to take it home. As we were building the skateboard Bucky Lasek came and helped us. He hung out with us for a bit and signed Whitney's board. I am proud to say that I didn't say anything too stupid in front of Bucky- I hope he didn't notice me staring and drooling. I think a millionaire skater is totally my type. Here are some pictures of the event, I am supposed to be emailed more- these are what I took on my camera phone.

First we had to sand the board. Whitney hates sanding so much that I did most of it.

Not sure why I am making that face.

Then Whitney decorated it and painted it.

Here's Whitney and Bucky. He is so cute. Seriously.

After building the skateboard, we went inside and watched the BMX competition. All in all it was a really fun time. Whitney had a blast. So did I and not just because of the skater boys, although they didn't hurt.

Here are a couple more pictures.


ThomCarter said...

Did you get his number . . . or myspace . . . or facebook . . . or linkup?!?!?!

Whatever the kids are doing these days?!?!?!

Angie said...

He's married with two kids. Looking is the only thing allowed.

Sarita said...

Why do all the millionaire skater boys doing non-profit work have to be married these days?

A girl can't get a break.