Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When you can't sleep, blog.

I hate not being able to sleep. It makes me wacko. I had a really long day at work- the super stressful kind and I was able to wind down with a super intense western (3:10 to Yuma, I liked it). When I have long days, such as this, I have a tendency to have moments of insanity throughout the day. That's pretty funny seeing that I work for a mental health organization. Well, today was no exception. I was driving the big white mental health van after just dropping off some rowdy teenagers. I was heading to an in-home with a family that I love, but they totally stress me out. I was listening to movin 100.7 when a song came on the radio. It was "just the two of us" by Will Smith. I remember this song from about 10 years ago and I think I liked it then, I can't really remember. Anyway, as I was listening to it I started to get a little weepy. Seriously, what? Weepy over a Will Smith song?

I was sent crashing back to reality when Madonna's "dress you up" came on afterward. I need a vacation.


Melanie said...

You think you need a vacation? I agree. Come see me.

ThomCarter said...

All in favor of a personal day or relaxing vacation please manifest it by the uplifted hand.

Dainon said...

I have a hard time watching that video and not seeing Dr. Evil with his Mini-Me.

Michael said...

insomnia sucks

although, some of my insomnia led me to finish reading A Long Way Down the other day and I enjoyed it. I usually enjoy Hornby's stuff so I guess that's not a big surprise.