Thursday, September 6, 2007

Like, Oh my Gosh!

For those of you that don't know, I hang out with a 14 year old girl about once a week. She's my little sis (not literally). Anyway, tonight we hung out- we just went to dinner and talked. I forget how hilarious it is being 14. She had me laughing all night with the drama that is happening in the 9th grade. Then I realized that the drama is not so much different than the drama at age 29, which just made me laugh even harder. Here was our conversation:

Whitney: Remember my friend Tory that was going out with Corbin last year?

Me: Yeah (I think I remember).

Whitney: Well Tory and Corbin broke up over the summer. Guess who she is going out with now?

Me: Who?

Whitney: Trent!

Me: Really? (who's Trent?)

Whitney: Yeah, but he let his hair grow out and now it's all shaggy.

Me: Wow.

Whitney: And Kelsie is going out with Jake AND he has an Afro!

Me: You're kidding!

The conversation went on like this for about an hour and I loved it. It was so hilarious. I had no idea who she was talking about most of the time, but it sure was fun. She is so sweet and somewhat innocent. She was telling me about some of her friends and sex and drugs and I felt so scared for her. It's scary being 14 in 2007.

This week has been alright. I am suffering from a serious lack of motivation. I just don't feel like doing anything responsible. SO, I go out every night and play and then hate myself in the morning because I am exhausted. Last night I Shot the tube. It was so much fun. I am definitely not as young as I used to be and I am totally accident prone, my ankle has all the skin scrapped off of it and my right butt cheek in purple- but it was a blast.

Earlier in the week a cute boy took me to see the play "Spamalot". It was hilarious.

If you liked the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", you will love this show.

Last weekend a friend of mine was in town. Sunny and her husband Seth and their cute little baby Stella. I have been friends with Sunny since we were 14. I am sure that we used to talk the way Whitney talks. In fact we may have done some of it Sunday, reverting back to when we were kids. The difference? Sunny is now an amazing Mommy and wife. She's adorable and I love her.

We attempted a model pose and this is what came out.

Now we look like the grown ups we are.

Stella. She's only 3 months old and look how cute and chubby she is!!! Those cheeks are amazing.


Jos said...

Hey there,
Don't remember how I got here, but your blog is great fun to read & watch! Nice vids!
Greetings from Holland,

ThomCarter said...

So did you guys talk about who was dating whom and what people's hair looks like.

When I got together with my old friends (who are all married) we talk about the old things, but it is mostly just baseball, and baseball, and actually baseball.

Sarita said...

Really life isnt that different. This guy like totally asked for my number and didnt remember that we went out like 6 years ago.

And his hair was totally long on top and fro-ey. As if!

As long as you're playing Angie, come play with me. It's been nearly a week and I'm going through withdrawls.

Sunny said...

Not Stella's best picture yet but it cracks me up. She was so tired that night. It was great to see you Ang. I miss you already.