Friday, July 3, 2009

Pacific North West Day 1

Went to Seattle and Portland for a week and it was so fun. Left the rainy weather of SLC and it didn't rain once while in the North West. Day number one was jam packed.

Got off the plane and headed straight to Pike's Street Market.

And then ate the juiciest peach of my life. I kept dripping juice on my shoes. But enjoyed every minute of it- as did Nolan.

There were samples everywhere, cherries, jellies, crackers, peaches. So delicious and so free.

The flowers were AMAZING and cheap. So Nolan bought me a bunch- such a nice boy.

There were street performers everywhere. This guy made this saw sound beautiful.

Then we headed to Portland to stay with Sarah and Joel. They weren't home when we first got to Portland and so we drove around a bit. We ended up in a rose garden that was gorgeous.

I took this picture because it is my exact favorite color.

We arrived in time to meet her relief society presidency and I said premature ejaculation (it was in context of what we were talking about and regarding my profession- I guess you had to be there) and then went and ate at this hipster hang out with carts of food. We ate fries with poutine (cheese curds and gravy) and they were delicious- I wouldn't have believed it.

Nolan and I dubbed it the trip where we try things we normally wouldn't, hence the poutine. More to come on that.

In fact, more to come on all of it- this is only day 1.


Sarita said...

I cant wait for more. And need to post my stuff from your wonderful visit. Loves!

Brenna said...

My favorite part of your post was "premature ejaculation".... such a social worker!

Ms. White said...

i want to see more! what a fantastic trip to visit two fantastic friends!