Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Erin Schefer Project

Last night my best friend in the world, Erin, played a show at Liquid Joe's. I was running a little late because I was visiting teaching. I asked all of my visiting teachees to join me for the show. Only one was brave enough to come and we had a blast! Vanina is such a good sport.

Ryan and Erin sounded amazing together last night. She played all originals.
Here we are, Me, Vanina and Jeremy listening to the music. Small fan base, but devoted.

Erin has crazy eyes in this picture. But I love them.
Ryan has crazy eyes in this picture. But I love him.
Here we are at freaky Dee's to make the night complete.
Come see Erin play at Lumpy's on July 17th and then again at Liquid Joe's on August 14th. You won't be disappointed. To hear what she sounds like go to her myspace page HERE.

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Brenna said...

Wish I was in Utah, and could have been there. I miss hearing both of you sing!