Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tea, voicemail and movies

I know, not a very clever title, but this is what I am going to talk about right now. First, tea.

I don't like it. I never have and starting about a year or two ago, it seemed that is the only thing people wanted to do. "Lets go get tea" was a common thing to hear among my group of friends. It seemed like every date I went on, they wanted to take me for tea. At first I really tried to do it. I tried all kinds, a lot of different ways, but I just didn't like it. So, I quit trying. I would just order hot chocolate instead. But ordering hot chocolate made me feel like I wasn't an adult like the rest of them. Anyway, once I decided that I didn't care and tea just wasn't my thing- it happened. I tried a tea on a whim and I like it. No, dare I say, I love it!!!! It's a Snapple brand, and it's very fruity, with a little honey it's delicious. I found the Adult in me that I was looking for and apparently it's fruit flavored.

OK, on to voicemail. A funny thing happened this morning. Maybe I will be the only one who thinks this is funny.I had to call someone this morning and I really didn't want to (it was necessary though) and just hearing their voice on the voicemail made me a little sick. After their message the voicemail computer voice came on and said "if you STILL want to leave this person a message, press 3." Still??? Does it say this on all voice mails? It's like the computer voice knew how I felt and was telling me that it was OK if I had changed my mind. And I swear I heard her put emphasis on still. I still left a message. I had to. But I think that the empathy the computer voice had showed me with just one little word gave me the courage to do it.

Now on to movies, well . . . just one movie really. I think Spiderman 3 sucked.


Sunny said...

Spiderman sucked and some. What was with evil Peter Parker. It was about as tacky as Can't Stop the Music (please watch this if you haven't already).

Ginger said...

Evil Peter Parker was cool. With the exception of the jazz club scene.
Everything else about the movie was sugary suck.
I was seriously pissed off when we left.
P.S. Try the Lipton Red Tea with strawberry. It's Roobios which is really good for you and the strawberry makes it palatable... with some sugar.