Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Boyfriend

I am convinced that technology has ruined dating. Seriously. Before we all had cell phones or the internet, it wasn't unusual to call and leave someone a message on an answering machine and then wait a day or two to hear back from them. We would just think they were busy or didn't get the message or whatever. But now, it's totally different. We all know that they have their cell phones on them and can see that we are calling and if they don't call back or text back or whatever than there is obviously something wrong. So we jump to all sorts of conclusions. And now with myspace and LDSlink up you can tell if someone is online, which just adds insult to injury, because they also can see that you are online and are just choosing not to correspond with you. So whether there is something wrong with your relationship or not, you just assume that something is because they aren't making contact when they have so many opportunities to do so.

Now I am not talking about my life currently. I have experienced this in the past and I have just been thinking about it. Currently I am dating No One and he's great. I haven't dated No One in a long time and I have to say that I have really missed him. I normally have Someone waiting in the wings even if I have a guy I am dating, but not now. I am starting to think that No One is the perfect companion for me. I never have to worry about him not returning my calls or not emailing me, he never says mean things or hurts my feelings and I never have to tell him to go home. No One takes me to the movies, No One buys me dinner, No One sends me flowers and I'm ok with that. I think No One and I have a real chance of making a long term go at it. At least I am going to try for a little while with No One. It just feels right.

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