Saturday, June 30, 2007

things that made this week great

-went swimming 4 times
-went on an amazingly long and fun mountain bike ride with Anna
-walked to the Farmer's Market
-bought TONS of cherries from the Farmer's Market
-saw a scary movie and screamed out loud
-finished house/dog sitting
-slept in my own bed for the first time in two weeks
-acquired a tomato plant and a pepper plant
-figured out how to make my room breezy and bare able
-went on a fun date
-talked to an old friend on the phone and laughed so hard it hurt
-got a little sunburned
-randomly rented a movie I had never heard of and really liked it
-spent more time outside than I did inside
-was told I was beautiful
-eating so much you think you might explode
-guitar hero and Wii among friends
-dancing and singing in the car

1 comment:

Sarita said...

Yay, for screaming out loud. I'm glad that I wasnt the only one (even if I may or may not have screamed the loudest...this is why I dont do scary I'm just stressed out again)