Saturday, June 16, 2007

Driven to murder

So I would never condone innocently killing anything. I am a lover not a fighter (or killer, or whatever). However, is it sometimes justified? I don't mean killing a person or anything, that is always and will always be wrong. But what about things that just annoy the hell out of you? Many people wouldn't hesitate to kill a bug. The other night my roommates and I along with our downstairs neighbor (he's a big guy), ran around our front room screaming like little girls because there was a water bug. The event ended only in it's torturous demise. Have you seen a water bug? It was necessary.

The reason I bring all this up is because we recently had some new neighbors move in. Besides the fact that they are totally rude, they also have big obnoxious birds. It's summer time and I love the house I live in, but I live in the attic. It's already as hot as Hades up here and my window opens to the new neighbor's house. I have to wear one of those eye masks to block out the sun and now I will have to invest in some ear plugs because before my alarm ever wakes me up I hear "SQUAWK SQUAWK" over and over and over.

Now that you understand my situation, you may also understand why I ask if it is ever ok to kill an innocent animal. I am sure it is not the bird's fault. My idiot neighbors have put this poor bird's life in danger. Anyone know a good hit man? For a bird? Just curious- we could totally make it look like road kill. I am evil.


Dainon said...

Slingshot. Metal balls. Ready, aim, fire.

SummerChild said...

This is my first time reading your blog, and so when i started, i wasn't sure who the author was. As I read, I thought to myself, gee, I can soo relate! I live in a hot, attice room as well, and have started sleeping with eye coverings as well because the sun comes up so bloody early. And I have neighbors who just moved in with loud, squaking birds... makes sense, considering it is the same neighbor!

Sarita said...

I read, "Slingshot. Meat Balls."

I was confused.

Angie said...

At first I read the same, but I knew Dainon was smarter than that.