Thursday, June 28, 2007

I like this band

The Bird and the Bee

Check out their songs at the link above. Listen to the second song down. I feel that way a lot lately. It's like I wrote the song. Sorry about the bad words.


Marie said...

Hiya -- I came across your blog in the cyber-maze that is our ward. :)

It is a good record -- I had it on high rotation last month. Greg Kurstin (the Bee) is popping up everywhere lately -- Lily Allen, Beck, Flaming Lips, Chili Peppers...a metastasized musical cancer, slowly shaping the sonic world in his own image...

Sarita said...

Dearest Angie,

How do you expect me to listen to this at work and maintain my goody too-shoes persona? I will just have to turn down the volume sos I can still hear the attorney effin it up in the next office.

Good stuff. The music that is.


Erica Bass said...

Weston my personal DJ showed them to me a couple of months ago, I like them too.