Sunday, June 24, 2007

The tennis ball doesn't fall far from the tree

I have a mother that is classic. She is the most hilarious person I know and doesn't even try. She says things like, "When your father was younger, he was the cat's banana" or in a moment of comfort "You gotta go through the fire before you see the light" (don't forget her thick southern drawl). She also tells hilarious stories about her time in the Marine Corps or when she was a stewardess. Of course none of these are actually meant to be hilarious, which makes them all the more funny. If you've me her, you know what I mean. She also gets every one's names wrong.

Angie=Tommy (my brother and I were often confused, must be the chest hair)
My boyfriend=some random name like Bob or Judd or Tab, it always left my boyfriends wondering if I had a piece on the side.

As I get older and as I continue to make fun of her in a sense, I am realizing more and more that I am my mother's daughter. I do things everyday that are very "Sonja" in nature. Not that it would be terrible to be like my mother. She is a wonderful person.

The other day at work I called one of the kids I work with by the wrong name the whole day. The terrible thing is that I have know this kid for over a year.

I said the words snot and sweaty in front of the entire relief society during a testimony type moment.

And the worst, today I was trying to call my dad and I pressed the wrong number, when the phone was answered I very enthusiastically said "Hi daddy!!!" and kept talking. To my shock and horror it was a friend of mine and not my Daddy at all. He handled it well.

I know that this is just going to get progressively worse and so I have decided to embrace it. A good malapropism never hurt anyone, President Bush is a perfect example of that. I'd like to leave my mark on the world in some way or I might, like Mike Tyson says "fade into Bolivian" and nobody wants that.


Sarita said...

Yay. I am becoming more and more like my brilliant yet scatter-brained mother and am better for it. (Still working on the brilliant part).

Alyssa Barlow said...

I love your mom.

Dainon said...

Who's yo' daddy?