Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pump 'em!!!

I had a fun and interesting weekend. I flew to Atlanta on Friday night for a job interview on Saturday morning at 8am (that is 6am Utah time). I walked in to the interview on 2 hours sleep. It was an interview for a social work job in London, in the Borough of Merton. I got the job!!! If I decide to take it I won't be leaving until the end of September. We shall see. There won't be any going away parties this time.

I was supposed to fly out on Sunday. I flew standby and let me tell you, it really sucked. The flight out was great. I got on both flights I wanted. The flight back was terrible. Sunday, waited at the airport almost 6 hours, didn't get on anything. My friend Jeff (life saver) came and picked me up. I am so glad I missed my flight though, because I was able to go to the Monster Bash at the drive-in in Atlanta. There were bands dressed up like Zombies and midgets dressed up like Zombies and even a disturbing amputee dressed up like an eaten Zombie (kinda gross). They then showed a Sindbad movie and "Army of Darkness". I think I ended up with 2 hours of sleep. Here are the pictures:

Jeff with a taxi hearse.

Many hearses.

Ghostbusters Atlanta chapter. They were very serious about their ghost hunting abilities. It was quite hilarious, but they seemed like nice guys.

My new boyfriend. I like 'em tall.

Zombie Band.

Midget Monster.

So Me, Jeff and Ray sat on the hood of the car and watched the movie. I had to drive home, for hilarious reasons. My favorite thing was Ray yelling from the backseat, "You gotta pump 'em. Just pump 'em, bitches!" Talking about the breaks. I am sure he doesn't remember much about the monster bash at all.

I went to the airport at 6am the next morning on 2 hours sleep. I didn't get back to Salt Lake City until close to midnight last night. I now know the Denver airport really well.

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Alyssa Barlow said...

AHHHH you got it! Congratulations! Decision time! When do you have to tell them? I am glad you had fun in Atlanta. Just knew someone who lived there named Jeff? I hate standby. When i worked at Alaska Airlines I flew it all the time and it stunk. Call me.