Sunday, March 11, 2007

Surprise Surprise

Ok, so he did it again. I was not supposed to see J this weekend, he had to work all weekend and couldn't come to Salt Lake, but then late Friday night he showed up and surprised me! We spent all weekend together. It was really fun. We were able to do normal weekend things like go see a movie and run errands and hang out with friends. It was really nice. We have seen each other every weekend since we started this dating thing, but I think this next weekend we really won't get to see each other. I am getting so used to seeing him every weekend that the weekend I won't see him is going to be awful. One day at time.

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Familia Barlow said...

Post a picture of your dude on here so we can see him. Seems like you like this guy more than you have liked anyone in a while... tell more about him, what does he do? Where is the 'small town' where he lives? I am so glad you're happy.