Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Blog

Well, I have a few blogs out there, but I wanted one that was just for me. A real online journal. SO I have started another one. Things are going well, I have a good job that I like most of the time, I have great friends, a great place to live and a new boyfriend.

I work as a social worker for a mental Health organization. I am only at the Bachelors level right now, so I do case work. It's really the grunt work. I work with clients and help link them to different resources. What I really want to be is a therapist. I applied to graduate school at the state school where I received my bachelors, but I wasn't accepted. I also applied to an out of state school and I am just waiting to see what happens with that. I talked with the state school and the head person said that if I take 10 credit hours of a sociology or psychology before September and get a 3.8 or higher on those classes then he will let me in for 2008. But I have to wait a whole year to go back to school. If I get in to the out of state school I can start this year and graduate by 2008. But the costs will be higher. I will do pros and cons in another blog.

On to the boyfriend. This is so new. I have known him for a couple of years, but we have only been acquaintances. In fact I found out that he didn't like me for over a year. A good friend of mine is really good friends with him and he used to tell her to not invite me to things. When I asked him about this he said "everyone liked you, so I wanted to be the one who didn't." What a dork. A few weeks ago I went to a friends house and he was there. We ended up staying up all night and talked. It was great. We had a lot more in common than I thought we did. Here is the problem though, he works three hours away and only comes to town every other weekend. I have had long distance relationships in the past and I always vowed I would never do it again, it's so hard. But i really like him. I have been lucky, we have been able to see each other for the last three weekends, but it looks like this weekend we won't get to see each other. I am bummed. Last weekend he bought tickets for us to fly to Vegas. We flew there on Saturday and came back Sunday night. He had a bunch of adorable surprises throughout the two days. He told me we were staying in a ghetto, but we ended up staying in the luxor (the big pyramid). It was really nice. Saturday night we went and saw the Cirque Du Soliel show called "Ka" and it was so amazing. We had front row seats. Sunday morning we woke up early and he had planned a spa morning. We both had full body massages. It was amazing. We just shopped and spent time together the rest of the time. He wouldn't let me pay for anything. He called it Valentines day because we didn't get to spend it together.

During the two days in Vegas we had so much fun. We laughed and talked and just really enjoyed each other's company. On the flight home he asked if we were dating. Being that we spent the past three weekends together and a weekend in Vegas, I of course said that we were. He asked if I was his girlfriend and I asked if he wanted me to be. He said that he did, but he felt that it wasn't his place to ask me not to date anyone else being that he lives three hours away. So we sort of left it up in the air. I did cancel a date this week because I knew I would just wish I was with J the whole time. So I guess I am his girlfriend.

So I have started a new LONG DISTANCE relationship and I might be moving out of state this summer. AHH!!!! What will happen? All I know is that I really like him and I want to spend all of my time with him, but I also want to get my master's degree and move forward in my career. I have a lot of important decisions ahead of me.

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