Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So in my previous blogs I have been very vague about names and places because I was afraid that everyone and their mother could read the blog and I did not want that to happen. Some of this is personal! But I figured out how to make it private and only invite those that I want to read the blog. That is what I have done. You are the elect.

His name is J. Not J and I still really like him. He went back home on Sunday and I thought I wouldn't get to see him for 2 weeks, but Monday he drove back into Salt Lake because he flew to Mississippi yesterday. As you read this, J is driving a semi truck across country. My boyfriend is a trucker. Never thought I would say that. I just like saying "my boyfriend" :-), I'm a dork. Well he came into town Monday and I went to dinner with him and his parents. It was a really nice evening. I think that we get along really well. I am pretty sure his parents like me. I always get along with parents. I don't know when I will see him again. Probably not until next weekend. That is so hard.

I took my first test in my class 'sociology of marriage and family' on Monday. Next week is spring break, so I won't know what I got for 2 weeks. Agonizing. I HAVE to get an A. In this class there are only 2 tests and a paper. His tests are hard too. It's multiple choice, but they are the kind that are a)answer b)answer c)answer d)a and b e)none of the above- blah blah blah. (did that make any sense?) Anyway, I always second guess myself on tests like that. I hope I did well. If I want to go to grad school, I have to get an A!!!!!!

I talked to my ex Blair on the phone today. It was sort of on accident. I was calling to talk to Mark (his brother) and Mark's number didn't work. The only other number I have to get a hold of Mark is Blair's. We ended up talking for about a half an hour. We haven't talked in a year and the little correspondence we've had hasn't been the most pleasant, so i was worried. He said that he was going to save my number and that he would like to talk to me again. That is probably a bad idea. Erin says that I shouldn't confuse myself right now. She's right. But my heart did ache just a little bit. It probably always will.

I figured out how to put pictures on this thing, so check out previous blogs. The first one is a picture of me and J on the airplane on the way to Vegas- with a creepy guy looking through the seats.

I promise my future posts will have a point. Love you all.

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Alissa said...

Thanks for calling me today. Even though we only got to talk for 3 minutes it was still a nice surprise.