Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things I can't live without as a new mom

I obviously stole the above picture from my husbands instagram. I tried to crop it, but it just wouldn't let me! My husband is a much better picture taker than me. Isn't my little man adorable?? (So is his daddy, so it makes sense)

I wanted to write a blog about the things that have been life savers in this first couple months of motherhood. Figuring it all out is HARD. Stuff like, how to leave the house and how to get them to sleep and how to get your own sleep. I am still trying to figure it out, but there are a few things that have really helped and I want to share them with all of you.

Rock n' play: The first month was really hard for sleep. I think that is pretty normal. Sebastian wouldn't sleep unless he was on my chest. This was exhausting and a bit stressful. He also had his day and night confused. He WOULD NOT sleep in his bassinet. He could sleep for three hours on my chest, but five minutes after I put him in his bassinet he was crying for me. I didn't know what to do. I swaddled and rocked and rolled blankets up next to him to make him feel secure, but nothing worked. One night at 3 am I was so frustrated that I googled solutions and I kept reading about a rock and play bassinet by fisher price. I went on Amazon and purchased it right then and there. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. 
Exercise Ball: Sebastian also needs to be constantly moving. CONSTANTLY. We are going to be in trouble once he starts crawling and walking. He likes to bounce. That can be exhausting to do all the time, so a friend suggested an exercise ball. She lent me hers and it has been one of my favorite things. Bouncing helps him calm down when he is upset and helps him fall asleep especially when he is overly tired. Also, I am pretty sure it works my core, right?

Boppy Pillow:  This is probably a given. But being a nursing mom, this pillow has been great. You can nurse hands free if you want and if you are cradling your baby your arms have a place to rest. Also, now that he is a little older, I can prop Sebastian in the pillow and he loves to sit and look around. So cute. 
Lansinoh EVERYTHING: Lanolin, breast pads and milk freezer bags. I love all their products. 
 Ergo Baby: I have tried the moby wrap, but I didn't love it. Too much material and too hard to the baby in. Maybe I need to practice more, but it isn't my favorite. We got the Ergo baby and I love it. I can actually do some house work with him in it. We are going to Moab the first week in May and we want to hike a little, I think this carrier will work great. I will let you know.

So far, these have been the best items we have purchased. Honorable mention: Our glider and our 4 moms mamaroo.
He doesn't love the mamaroo all the time, but he will sleep in it fairly often. When breast feeding the glider is a must. I love it.

Yesterday, Sebastian rolled over!! We were doing tummy time and he rolled onto his back and then he did it again. I ran and got Nathaniel and he did it a third time!! He is only 7 weeks, so this is early! We tried it today, but he was just not having it. I will try to get a video of it. 

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