Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blessing Day!

Sebastian was blessed on Sunday. In the LDS church infants are blessed not long after they are born. It is a chance to give the baby a name and a blessing. My dad was able to perform the blessing and it was beautiful. Nathaniel carried Sebastian up to the front of the chapel and our dear friends assisted my father in the blessing.

My dad blessed Sebastian to be strong physically and emotionally. He blessed him to love, respect and receive support from his parents. He blessed him to make wise choices in his life. He blessed him to serve a mission and marry a wonderful women in the temple. He blessed him to be kind.

I know that there was so much more to the blessing and my dad is going to give me his notes from his preparation, I just can't remember it all. I was filled with so many emotions and cried the whole time. I felt such peace and love as those I love and who love Sebastian, held him in their arms and used their priesthood to bless him with such wonderful things. My little family was surrounded by all the friends and family that we love. I felt so loved and supported and appreciate all those that were in attendance.

Sebastian was an angel baby. He was asleep up until the blessing, I took him out of his carrier and he was peaceful and quiet the whole blessing. I was a little worried due to the fact that Sebastian can scream with the best of them, but he was wonderful. My friend Erin let us borrow the blessing outfit she used for her son. Sebastian is a little chubbier and by the time the blessing was over the outfit was  cutting into his legs, but he looked super cute.

The day of was a bit chaotic so I didn't get many pictures. So the pictures are from a mini photo shoot we had this morning AND my mom brought this adorable cake.

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