Monday, April 21, 2014


First off, I went to the dentist today and my gums look great and I have NO CAVITIES!! I was worried since I skipped my dentist appointment during my pregnancy due to the bloody gums and everything made me gag. So that was good.

This was Sebastian's first Easter and boy was it fun. On Saturday, Nathaniel and I took the little man down to Trolley Square to meet the Easter Bunny. Sebastian insisted on wearing his tuxedo- he wanted to make a good impression after all.

It worked!! Nathaniel and Sebastian both received fancy baskets from the Bunny. I didn't get one, but next year the Easter Bunny is totally getting me one (I decided).

Sebastian lasted all three hours of church, for the first time. He wore his tux for Easter Sunday as well. He is quite handsome and fancy. He slept through Relief Society and Sacrament meeting and we spent Sunday school in the nursing lounge. But all in all it went well. I loved sitting in sacrament meeting with my sweet little family on the day we celebrate the most glorious of events. I am grateful for my savior and his sacrifice so that I could have my little family and live with them again some day. 

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