Friday, April 4, 2014

It's a boy!! Again!! A human one this time . . .

I am sitting on an exercise ball as I type this. Why? You might ask. No, it is not to exercise (although I need it) it's to keep my little man from screaming. He needs to be CONSTANTLY moving. Heaven help us once he goes mobile.

Who is this little man of mine? It's Sebastian James Johnson. He was born on February 15 at 3 pm. He was a whopping 7 lbs and 11 oz (thank goodness, Nathaniel was 9 lbs 6oz!!) and was 21 inches long. The labor was induced at 41 weeks because he just wasn't coming. After 24 hours and a wonderful epidural, he came after three pushes.
15 minute old

It has been 6 weeks and I am in love with this person. He has been kinda cranky as of late and I have probably been heard saying "What do you WANT, Sebastian???" But being a mother is magical.
1 Week old

He smiled at me a few days ago, but he is pretty stubborn and refuses to do it on command. When he did it the first time, I immediately began to cry and that scared him and he stopped. Hopefully he doesn't connect smiling with making mommy sad.

I know that my last post was Chicago. Well, as it turns out, I probably got pregnant that weekend (TMI?). We went on a baby moon to Puerto Rico in September that was wonderful. My pregnancy was pretty great actually. Towards the end was rough. I was huge, and got a crazy bad cold with a cough, which led to me breaking a rib. 9 months pregnant and a broken rib is NOT fun. I ended up going on maternity leave at 39 weeks thinking he would be showing up any day and I needed the rest. Well, needless to say, Sebastian wasn't planning on leaving the womb without help and they wouldn't induce me until 41 weeks. I have 3 weeks of maternity leave left.  I have made the decision of going back to work part-time. My mom will be watching sebastian when I do work, but I will spend most of my time with him. That was a really hard decision, but I feel the best one for me.

I guess that is as good of a summary as I have the energy to give. I am going to try and blog a little more frequently, but babies sure keep you busy. Who knew?

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