Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am kinda copying a blog my friend Spencer wrote. I am going to blog my first memory of my closest friends from over the years, either that or my favorite memory, or both- we'll see how it goes.

Melanie- I was 7 years old, so I obviously don't remember the exact day we met. I kinda just feel like I have always known her. There aren't really memories pre Melanie. One of my favorite memories of me and Melanie is watching Labyrinth and dancing around. We didn't want to say "hurts like hell" which is what David Bowie sang, so we would sing "hurts like heel". I think we were both kinda in love with David Bowie, which seems so funny now. Also, we couldn't watch Beaches without crying about each other (still), but I kinda always resented that Mel was the pretty one and I was supposed to be Bette Midler.

Ginger- I think she was my very first friend in Florida. Girl's Camp was really what solidified our friendship. I think it was our mutual disdain for Gail Homer's awful harmonic destruction of "teeny jaws". Most, if not all of my high school memories have a Ginger in them. One of my favorite memories was skipping a fireside to go and run naked on the beach. Mike could get us to do anything!

Mike- Can't remember the first time I met him. I am sure that I liked him from the moment I saw him. My 14 year old self was in love. But then our friendship just grew. I still love him (but in a much more platonic way now) and I love his wife and kids too- in case anyone was getting the wrong idea. Favorite memory was on his 19th birthday. He made me jump over an 8 foot wall into this beautiful park with a fountain and trees. And then we got chased by security and almost arrested for breaking into an assisted living facility (who knew those places were so romantic?).

Alissa- My first memory of her was in the lunchroom in 8th grade. I was playing the shy new girl and Alissa was playing the potential new friend I didn't want to scare off with my spastic personality. It didn't take long for the real Angie to shine through- good thing she was just as big a spazz as I was. I have MANY favorite memories of Alissa. One of the best was Disney World in 10th grade, I think she would only understand why it was so great- too great to explain with words. We will continue to have great memories.

Sunny- We met at girl's camp, but then we were together at EFY and Youth Conference and then pretty much our group was together for the rest of high school. Favorite memory was probably one of our many crazy weekends of a stake dance and dancing like idiots. I think we would still dance like idiots if we had the chance- that's what I love about you.

Erin- Wow, it was freshman year in college- we were put in the same trio in girl's choir and we would just talk about Florida as Christina, our second soprano, would try to pipe in with something and we would ignore her. Triscuits with cheese (poor man's nachos) followed, then roommates and then best friends. Who would have thought. I can't pick one memory she's been a constant for the past 7 years. Everyday with her is my favorite.

Alyssa- Hmm, I think it was at Dorm 6. I walked in and there she and Ashley were. Her and I then went and ate oreos at the dorm opening social and I knew we were going to be friends. Favorite memory- hmm. Another hard one, but I think it goes back to her BYU days and the snow and the swings. Such a perfect night. That night saved me many times on my mission. Although, Alyssa super pregnant and me, her and Jared dancing like crazy on New Years in San Francisco was also super awesome. I could go on.

Mark- First time I met Mark, I was taking a nap and I was miserable- my life had just basically fallen apart and he popped his head in the door and said "Hiya" in his cute Scottish accent. We then proceeded to go to the movies everyday and he even moved into my room. I think I would have decomposed in my room if he hadn't rescued me. One of my favorite memories of Mark is sleeping bum cheek to bum cheek. Ah, platonic bliss.

Aliah- We met at work training and I remember thinking- “wow she has really cool hair and shoes and bags“. And then our offices were right next to each other and we would IM all day and I could hear her laughing through the wall at all the clever things I would say. Then we lived in the same apartment building and now the same house. Ah. Friends forever. One favorite thing about me and Aliah is that we pick the crappiest movies to go see together. It's actually humorous how bad they are (don't ever watch the movie In the Mix, trust me).

Maren- She was Aliah’s friend Maren for the longest time. Aliah kept wanting us to be friends, but we aren’t the types to do what someone else says- so it had to happen in our own time. Then we hung out and we knew we were going to be friends. Most recent favorite memory- snow day, frozen pizza and like 4 movies. It was glorious.

Dainon- first time I saw him it was kinda a blind date, except it was me him and his friend and I remember thinking that he was too good looking. I am not sure what he was too good looking for, but just too good looking. I told him we would be best friends, he didn’t believe me- but of course it was inevitable. Favorite memory would have to be our trek to Denver. Good music, good laughs, just a good time. And the fact that I always seem to do something totally ridiculous around him and he of course never lets me live it down.

Sarah- I think I had met Sarah a few times, but one time we all went to the Pie and there she was. She ended up taking me home and I basically told her she had to be my friend and forced her to hang out with me. So far, so good. Favorite times- 4 words- Sex in the City.

Anyway- that is all I got tonight. I will add on whoever wants me to. Or you can comment and fill in your own memories.

Love Ya.


Sarita said...

She forced me into friendship, it's true. I had no choice. And I'm glad.

Melanie said...

I don't remember the first time we met but I know it wasn't love at first sight because of Nikki Purty. With her gone we were white and rice. And some of my favorite memories are of skinny dipping in the pool... we probably never would have gotten in trouble if you would have just STAYED IN THE POOL!! I was always jealous that you were the talented one while I was the boring one. But that's still true. Besides, you're totally the pretty one and I'm the fat one! I love you so much and I'm so glad that Nikki moved away!

Alyssa Barlow said...

You are wrong. It was Ashley and I who walked into Dorm six room 202 first- and there you were sitting at the desk writing a certain missionary and MH squeaks "she's writing ONE of her TWO missionaries..." and on and on. And I was like, hmm. OK. But somehow the oreos melded us together forever. What was so special about the oreos again? What did we do with them? Were we throwing them at anyone? Did anything actually happen or were they just there? I don't recall.

I think that night on the swings in the snow is my favorite memory too. I think that was the same night as the snowsuit episode too...

or "HAAPPPYYYY!" or the insomniac tapes when we shared a room, or chasing B and D around at ricks with that silly mattress that said "Let's practice". Or the beach in Florida with all the mystery crabs (real crabs- not anatomical)

I could list more, but then I'd have to kill all your readers.