Wednesday, February 20, 2008

See you at the crossroads

Went on a little trip to Colorado for the weekend. It was quite fun, full of incredibly normal stuff- which was just what I needed. Previously, when I visited my special friend Joey from out of town, we would do extremely exciting things, like cutting down trees and driving for hours, not to mention our near death canyoneering adventure. So "normal" seemed like a good alternative for a change.

I learned a thing or two during my stay such as:
Bubble wrap=fun (knew that one already)
wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and rolling around on the ground=even more fun
wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and jumping on a trampoline=priceless

As I had cut down my first Christmas tree just two months ago, it was only logical to come full circle and burn it in a ceremonious Christmas tree bonfire. Books were also burned, but strictly due to water damage- not due to moral religious or political objections. It was quite the fire.

Early on in my trip, a mystery began to unfold and clues seemed to be around every corner:
hot hamburger
abandoned tree house
severed foot
uneven sidewalk
the rent note on the stairs
and conversation hearts that spelled out mystical sentences

Jinkies (don't we look like sleuths?)

What did it all mean? What conclusion did it bring us to? Hmm, nothing. . . yet.

We carbo loaded at breakfast everyday, just to ensure we would be able to make it through the rigorous schedule of normalcy we had planned. We napped to keep up our strength. We made a trip to a granola town and didn't even eat granola (we are rebels like that). And all I have to say is thank heavens Michael was almost done with his milk- I don't think even Knight Rider could have saved him if it had been much longer (did you know that if enough people had watched the made for TV movie of Knight Rider they may make it a series? I didn't know or care either).

We wanted normal- so I nagged and he told me what to do, in fact I nagged so much that he FINALLY cleaned off his ceiling fan. That was a fight that could go down in history. But then we made up and ate two entire bags of Cadbury mini eggs and shared a gastrointestinal breakdown -which only brought us closer.

I guess what I am saying is that I had a good weekend celebrating our presidents. I am still a little pissed that I didn't get to dress up as Lincoln, but Joey was right (never question him, rule #1)- the top hat and beard did look much better on him.

***NOTE: much of this blog entry is rich with sarcasm, for those who take things FAR too literally. Joey is defintely one of the nice ones.


Mickael said...

I did my part by watching the Knight Rider movie. I thought it was already being made into a series! The Hoff did make an appearance.

Sarita said...

Joey sounds like an chauvinist pig. Don't make excuses for him.

Although the bubble wrap may make up for that.

Spencer said...

It sounds like joey is a homo.

Alyssa Barlow said...

rolling around in bubble wrap = normal?

hmmm.... my five year old might dig that.

Glad you had fun!