Monday, February 4, 2008

free money

Ok, so here is the deal. My roommate and I have been talking about our credit card debt. In the grand scheme of things we are not that bad off. It says that most households have up to 9 credit cards. That is insane. We live in the same household, but we each only have 1 credit card. JUST ONE! and we really want them paid off and quickly. So, we have tried to come up with logical solutions to our debt problems.

1)Ask Oprah for it. I mean, after all, she is a bajillionaire and she likes to help those less fortunate (which is pretty much everyone). So two poor social workers trying to change the world seems like a worthy cause, don't ya think?

2)Game shows. This might be a little more logical. I think I could apply for "Don't forget the lyrics" and Aliah could go for "Deal or no Deal" and we could get our measly amount that we are looking for. Or maybe even "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" but I might want to punch Jeff Foxworthy in the face and that will just get me arrested instead of out of debt. Ok, but have you seen these applications? They act like you are applying for the CIA or something.

3)Googled "Free Money" that was fruitless. It's like no one wants to give out free money- I bet they do, it's just a little harder than just googling it.

4)Rob a bank. But just for the exact amount we need to pay off our credit cards. I am sure the bank wouldn't even miss it and probably not even come looking for us. It would probably be a story the bank tellers would laugh about around the water cooler during their breaks "did you hear about the two social workers who came in and robbed us for a few thousand dollars?" We'd be legends AND debt free.

5)Play the lotto and or go to Vegas. We decided against this one, because no one actually ever wins and you kinda NEED money to GET money.

and last but not least

6)Craig's list. We figure if we ask every person that looks at our add to send us 5 dollars, people might just do it. Maybe. I believe people are inherently good. In fact, my blog site meter says that on average 38 people look at my blog a day, if every one of you sent me just 5 dollars, that would be 190 a day and I could get my credit card paid off in no time.

Then I can focus on more important things, like saving the world through my social work. Wouldn't you like to make the world a better place? Of course you would.

***Please send all proceeds to the Angie and Aliah get out of debt fund. Email me- we accept paypal, all major credit cards, cash and check.


Sarita said...

I'm thinking you should look into investing. I mean, if you give me all of your money so I can focus on my photography fulltime, I'm pretty sure that I will be rich and famous pronto.

And then we could work out some sort of modest return on your investment.

Genius, no?

ThomCarter said...

You could marry someone, divorce them, and dump all your debt on them.

Alyssa Barlow said...

You could ask all the guys who take you on dates just to give you the money instead-- that is unless they are promising, then you go on the date with them.

Brenna said...

Wow... starting to sound a bit like our clients eh????

Angie said...

Hey, we aren't far off with what they pay us.

Maybe cooking meth isn't so bad.

ThomCarter said...

For some strange reason I watched "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" last night.

It doesn't seem that hard. The woman got to the $1M question and didn't know it so she ONLY won $25 grand. I think that this would be the best plan.

ctarbet said...

I have an idea, but if you use it, you have to pay me 10% of whatever you make on it, okay? It will make you tons of money, I would do it myself, but I don't have time to set up the internet store... Let me know if you want to hear it... It's garonteed to be a huge success!

lenalou said...

You could try my college-era money making strategy. I would casually say on the phone to my parents, "I hear strippers make really good money," and voila! A cheque would arrive shortly thereafter.