Saturday, December 8, 2007

The GREAT(?) Saltair

What is so very great about the Saltair really? Especially in the middle of a terrible snow storm? My experience with the Saltair has been fairly limited- the bands I have seen there have been sub par at best. Such bands as Everclear, Blink 182, Long Beach Dub All Stars (they were as bad as their name), the Aqubats and Primus- OK so this was 10 years ago. Last night the Saltair may have redeemed itself. It was off to a rocky start with the $5.00 parking fee and the huge puddle right in the middle of the parking lot. Where else are you going to park out there? In the great Salt Lake? But then the opening band came on. Arthur & Yu. I love them, seriously. I thought their songs and harmonies were wonderful. I am actually going to BUY the album- I was that impressed. Here's a little taste:

Then on to Iron and Wine. I have seen them before and they were as good as I had remembered. I do think I am getting a little old to be standing in place for 4 hours. I really like sit down concerts. Next thing you know, I'll be dying my hair blue (the old kind, not the cool kind). Ah well, it was still a good time. There were so many beards I almost felt out of place, however, me with a beard would have been a bit weird. He was complaining of having no voice, but his voice was as mellow and soothing as always. I think you get a contact high from his music, seriously, we were all extremely chill and I totally had the munchies. Who needs to smoke weed when you can just listen to Iron and Wine? It's cheaper and more legal. I am pretty sure they played most of the new album The Shepard's Dog which is really fantastic. The highlights for me were when they sang "Wolves", "Boy with a Coin" and especially "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"- that was my favorite part.

I did almost pass out at one point because I hadn't eaten for almost 11 hours- that was slightly embarrassing, but IHOP came to the rescue after we braved the treacherous roads. Thank goodness Amanda was driving.

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