Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The church is true . . .

We went to see the temple square Christmas lights and I have to say I was simply whelmed- not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed . . . just whelmed. I thought there should have been WAY more lights than there were. I was wanting to see so many lights that my mind was blown, but they just weren't there. I feel like in the past, the lights were everywhere. I really think that the church has put less lights up this year- maybe there is the same amount they are just spread out over more space (conference center, main street, church office building courtyard, etc). I am proposing we encourage the church to put up more lights next year and in order to make this happen, we came up with a brilliant idea(see picture below).

I think they will get it, don't you?

Regardless of how many lights are on temple square, I wanted to be sure you all knew that the church is still true. Amen.

This next picture was my attempt at being artsy and cool at photography- of which I am neither- but I feel like the temple came out surprisingly well. Even with a digital camera I am known to take a blurry, unimaginative picture. Please compliment my attempt, I am so very proud.

This next one is Amy Howell and Me. Her being beautiful, me being somewhat special (and not in a good way).

I sent out a mass text so that all of my dear friends would join me on this Christmas outing. Only a few responded. I am almost always not as popular as I think I should be, but I think we had the perfect amount of people to have a great time. Poor Nate was the only boy that agreed to come and what do we do? We make him pose by the handicapped sign. It is pretty funny though. I think the old missionary man standing by us thought we were totally irreverent.

Nate also came in handy when my fingers started to freeze- Thanks homeless people for thinking up fingerless gloves and making them become the newest craze! Nate let me stick my ice cube fingers in his armpits. What a good friend. This picture looks totally staged, but this is totally real. Totally.

Apparently I am a narcissist, because in almost every stupid picture you see my face. It's my blog and it's supposed to be all about me, so I guess that's alright. Here is a lit up paper bag with the word "Santisook" which means peace. It's Thai and I went to Thailand on my mission, in case you missed the connection.

Since Sarah went to Toronto, Spanish speaking- here she is with the "Amor" bag. Oh and notice how I am not present in that picture.

We all look so happy to be looking at Christmas lights, don't we? Oh, except for Nate who kinda looks like a serial killer.

Once again Nate is not smiling, but only because I made him do this shot. That's what you get when you are the only guy. You become a prop. Still love ya Nate, you make a good prop.

My last attempt at the artistic. I could totally take pictures for the Ensign or at least the Friend.
I seriously love Christmas.


Sarita said...

I'm all about the write in votes. And pro christmas lights. Expect my full support.

Although I dont know if im in support of you posting ugly pictures of me.

Spencer said...

I think you have really struck on something with this new democratic view towards tithing. I'm thinking instead of rest hymn- lazer light show!

Alyssa Barlow said...

Nate looks like Adam Sandler. Thanks for the pics. Miss that place and miss you!!!!

sorensenpower said...

I think I am going to donate to the X-mas light fund next time!

Erica B. said...

I like your pictures of the temple. Last night I took the YW to our city's River of lights and I was missing my Temple Square walks. Especially since I worked across the street I could go whenever I wanted.

Jeanochka said...

The last pic is gorgeous. Have you had any type of formal training for any of this? Photography? Blogging about interesting things? If not, impressive. You are amazingly artistic.